Autism and storms

I’ve been somewhat grasping at straws for an autism topic today. As I sat here at the computer the wind outside began to howl and moan and I could hear the trees dancing around maniacly as if to a beat I couldn’t hear. Earlier in the day, the air carried the scent of rain on the desert creosote and I could feel moisture on my skin.

About ten minutes ago the rain started. Pelting hard on the aluminum covered parking awnings. I don’t do so well with wind; it is something I’m working on so as not to transfer the fear to Jayden.

I got to thinking, if storms are hard on me, what’s it like for a person with a sensory integration issue like autism? So I went googling and didn’t really find anything clinical, which is fine by me as I’m liking real life experience better anyway.

“”My son, 6, who has never liked the rain and thunder has become increasingly worse the last couple of months. It’s to the point of him getting upset if he even sees a rain cloud. He’s having melt downs in public. It’s so heartbreaking; I can’t protect him from the weather. I know if I tell his dr. – he’s going want to medicate him for anxiety. I feel horrible, but I know he can’t function like this. We’ve been having thunderstorms here everyday for the past three weeks. Today at the Aquarium, three of the pennies he threw in the fountain – he wished for the thunderstorms to stop. I don’t know what to do.” – To read more, click here.

I can’t quite tell with the screen reader, but it sounds like parents of children with autism discussing the anxiety in their children. One of the parents likened the anxiety associated with thunderstorms to her anxiety when she drives over bridges, and I could really relate to that, since I hate bridges.

I just hadn’t thought about storms when it comes to autism, and if it’s hard on me, it’s gotta be worse for these kids. I really like one of the responses from someone about how she’s helping her son imagine that he’s a cheetah hehe! It’s really cute and endearing, and seems to work. Go give the above link a look see to read more.

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