totally forgot that tonight are solo auditions for choir. Lori called to remind me. Thanks Lori!

Its bad mojo in show biz to say “good luck” so break a legs will be welcomed, though I probably won’t get any comments until I’m gone anyway 😉

Auditioning for 2 songs, We’ll see what happens!

And Lori, break a leg. Out there, we’re friends, but in the audition room, we’re competition. Good thing we’re both trying out for songs the other one isn’t so hopefully we’ll both be winners. Though I think Merry Christmas Darling is the one I really want, and you’re trying out for that one too. But if I get Chestunuts, I’ll be happy too 😉


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  1. Any Jinga linga ringas in the audition?

    Break a leg.

  2. R

    No thank goodness haha! Just plain words.

    I wish I had pineapple juice, damn.

  3. I’ve always thought that telling somebody to break a leg was stupid. Think about the logic involved. You want somebody to do well, and you express this sentiment by wishing upon them a horrible crippling injury. How did something like that ever come to be associated with good luck?

    And why is it just break a leg? Shouldn’t the severity of the injury be proportional to how much luck a person needs? “I know this exam is going to be tough on you Dave…shatter your pelvis, buddy.” Or “good luck at the diving meet Susan, sever your spinal cord out there!”

    All the same, good luck, and feel free to injure yourself as much as you feel is necessary to obtain the desired result, and not a bit more.

  4. R


    You are absolutely right, and I don’t know exactly where the phrase came from. Hmmm, might be fun to look it up.

  5. then I shall say…godspeed friend!

  6. L^2

    I’m really late in reading this post, but I hope the auditions went well.

  7. Break a leg!

    My husband’s a musician by training, so I once said “break a leg” to him as he headed off to a hardcore test for some very impressive and demanding combat arms assignment in the Army.

    I was informed that this was where “good luck” was, in fact, more appropriate.

    He did not break his leg, although he came close to injuring his knee.

  8. R

    Sadia, that is too funny. I’m so glad he wasn’t injured! Yeah, I don’t think I’d want anyone telling me to break a leg when I’m doing lessons with my cane, or when I have my home visit for a guide dog, which will be kind of like an audition haha!

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes, I will be posting today about what happened. 🙂

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