Auditions Part Deux, and other musings

First, I’m feeling ill again. I thought the feeling ill before was in part due to B’s being sick, so thinking I would be sick, and my sudden drop from activities, with scheduling snafus. But this morning, I can’t tell again. My nose is kinda burning, my throat feels funny, and I keep sneezing. My throat could just feel funny from all the singing, I don’t know. So, keeping my fingers crossed that I still get to go to that conference on Friday.

Hopefully I’ll be talking to UK Lady today about the job. She said she would call me today, but is going on 5pm UK time, so I don’t know. I sent her the info about the Windows readers and holy cow are they expensive. Yikes!

So to auditions. We got to rehearsal last night, and the director handed out music for a brand new song. A new song. One I don’t know. One I don’t have a cd for. Um, huh? Yeah. apparently its their signature song that they close the concert with. We’ll be singing with 3 other choirs, and at the end of the concert, all the singers spread out in the church and sing this song. Luckily its all in unison, so no worrying about parts.

But the director said we would warm up with that piece. I can’t sing it, I don’t know it! I’m not getting a warm up before auditions??? They all run through the song and I listen. I guess I looked depressed, because the director said, “R I apologize, I’ll email you the words”. Thanks. So then they run through the song again. Its a pretty song.

Then the director wants to make sure where we’re sitting is about where we’ll end up for the show. I sit in the back with Lori, so I asked the director about the church where we’ll be singing, because I didn’t want to be on the top row if there was any chance of falling straight back. She explained that the top row is on a big platform, straight, no drop off or anything. Cool. I won’t even have to worry about a step being behind me. Lori told me as we were leaving that when I asked the question, a soprano looked back at me and said, “Oh its just like that…” and pointed to the steps in the church we rehearse in, realized what she had done, put her finger on her forehead and put her head down. Don’t feel bad miss sightie, really, that kind of stuff cracks me up, and everyone does it.

Luckily the director said we’d rehearse and then do auditions in the last 20 minutes of rehearsal, so I’d get a warm up, phew!

We worked on the dreaded Sleighbells thank God. She thought the second sopranos were fine and all of us shoutted nooo noo noo at the spot I’ve been getting hung up at, so we went through it a few times. I still can’t make sense of it on the recording, because the tempo is so slow, and it makes more sense faster. So that might be the one spot where I fade out and mouth words and let the others take over 😉 We shall see. Although, another second soprano looked back at one point and said, “I’m so glad you’re behind me” ut I don’t know if she was referring to all 3 of us seconds in the back row. I’ve got Lori on my left, and another strong second on my right. Lori said after rehearsal that I’m a what did she call me, a parts monster, or something like that lol, she meant I know the parts really well.

So now it was time for auditions. First up, Santa Baby. I don’t even like that solo, it just doesn’t match the song. Lori was gonna try for it and realized she didn’t like it either. All the women trying for it lined up on the steps and sang it one by one.

The next 2 songs were the ones I was gonna try for, and Lori was only gonna do one, but decided to do both. So she helped me go up the steps and holy Apple computer was I nervous!! Man! I haven’t auditioned for that director in over eleven years. I thought it wouldn’t be as nerve wracking, since I wouldn’t be able to see anyone, but oh no. I knew they were there. Where Lori and I ended up, we were last to try out. The first song was Merry Christmas Darling, which at the very beginning of the session back in October, the director told us to look up a singer and now I can’t remember who, but she wants it done really breathy. Its a romantic song about a woman who’s lover isn’t with her on Christmas. Its got a very bittersweet feeling, so thats how I rehearsed it, breathy, straightforward, and slightly bittersweet.

While all the other women tried out before me, I started feeling dizzy. My heart was pounding. I kept telling myself “don’t lock your knees, don’t lock your knees” because thats how performers pass out. Finally it was my turn and I sang it. I don’t know how I sounded, I don’t remember any remarks, I know there was clapping and I couldn’t wait to get off the stage, but my legs were so rubbery, I wasn’t sure I could do it. Lori and I haven’t done steps so we kinda clumsily make our way down and sat down waiting for the next song.

It was immediately time to get back up there for A Christmas Song. I wasn’t going to try for it, because the way its written, the solo goes all high Beyonce style and I think it sounds incredibly silly. But the director told us we could play with it, so I was gonna sing it more like it was originally done, staying low on the same note and kinda swooping the phrases. I was still nervous, but not quite as nervous as with Merry Christmas Darling, because thats the one I really want. Its such a pretty song.

After auditions, the director told us to spread out around the church so we could practice the new song all spread out. Its a totally different sound, and a little harder to follow. There will be about 5 feet between each singer at the concert. So Lori positioned me by a wall and I gratefully leaned on it, not having a chance to sit after auditions and my legs were still a bit wobbly.

We ran through the song, and I was able to sing most of it, having heard it twice.

When we were done, the director’s best friend and my old nurse in choir gave me a hug and said she was so proud of me for getting up there. Then lori was laughing, because she had positioned me right below a gigantic cross, a huge wooden one with tiles, and she realized I might just have knocked it off the wall! Ut oh…

So, the solo goes to….

Drum roll…

Wait for it….

Tune in next week! We don’t know yet. She’ll probably narrow it down to the few best and have them sing it during rehearsals. So, more will be revealed.

I’m glad I tried out. Really it wasn’t an option. I always tried out for solos before, why shouldn’t I now, just because I’m blind?

It was good too, because Lori and I realized we need some work on steps, and I really want to see the venue before the show, and talk to the director about how we’ll be entering and exiting, so there’s no craziness the night of. I’ve decided to take my cane with me going up the steps, and since I’m on the top row, I can just lay it down beside me and behind us.

Only a month until show time!!


Oh and after we were done, we were talking and the director said they were gonna be recording that last new song, so could we be quiet. Why are they recording it? I want a copy.


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8 Responses to Auditions Part Deux, and other musings

  1. Awesome about the audition. You really like suspense, don’t ya? Hahhahaha!

    Is there a railing on the opposite side of where Lori walks to guide you? She could edge you over and tell you there are steps. Then you could reach out and take the railing and the railing could cue you as to where the steps begin and end. Or she could just be like a guide dog, hahaha, and stop at the top…she could tell you there were steps coming as an extra cue, and she could stop for a second at the bottom to let you know the flight’s over.

    Hope you get the one you want!

  2. R

    Well, suspense keeps em coming back eh? Right Jaynoi? Tee hee.

    I don’t think there’s a railing. We don’t practice at the same church where the concert will be, but apparently its similar. Its a church alter basically. Like 4 steps leading up to a platform. I think it’ll be fine. Lori actually asked me what a guide dog would do lol! I think if we spend some time on the steps where we rehearse, it should be fine. I also sent the director an email about possibly checking out the concert location ahead of time.

    It’ll be interesting. I really want to find someone to record it and put it up on youtube.

  3. Woops. Since this came to my email, I almost hit reply. Then I went wait, that won’t work.

    That would rock if it ended up on youtube.

  4. R

    I wonder if the other women would ok that.

    Ok. Just talked to UK Lady. Oh my goodness oh my goodness!

  5. Oh my goodnessing can only mean one thing! … That she’ll make us stay tuned until next week. Hahahaha. Oh, and meep. Hahahahaha.

  6. R


    I had fully intended to write a post about the job, but you know when I was run down and thought I was sick when B was sick and then felt better and thought it was psychosomatic? Well, apparently the cold or flu or whatever was just being suspensful, like me. Its hitting full on now. I think I might miss that VRate conference on Friday 🙁

    So I watched a movie with B and soon we’re eating and I might write a post, but it might come tomorrow. I’m actually not trying to be suspensful now, just feel horrid, like my nose is about to fall off.


  7. And I’m sure they think we’re both insane now for all our meeping.

    Darn horrid cold flu! Fight fight fight it! You’re the roadrunner, it’s the coyote, meep meep!

    And in case everybody’s wondering what the meep is up with all the meeping, here’s the meeping story. Meep.

  8. R

    Nice. I need to put that link up on Facebook. So far no one has asked what it is. They might think its a way of expessing joy hahaha!

    Yeah, fight fight, fight it so its gone by the conference on Friday? And I have to get that paperwork done tomorrow. Ugh.

    Bleeping meep.

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