Audio/Video: Hanging with Ro Episode Three – Silly Bells

I just slapped a title on this post and had to edit to say it made me think, Silly Bells…silly bells…why are they ringing you?

Now back to our regularly schedule post.

Since I went blind, I haven’t touched my Christmas decorations. This year something changed though, as I listened to audio of Carin and Steve coming up with drunk lyrics for Christmas carols. The deal was sealed when I downloaded some Trans-Siberian Orchestra. (That’s how itunes spelled it, so I’m going with it.)

It was really nice to get all that stuff out again after so many years without it. I was feeling so silly about the bells that I decided to get audio/video of the decorations. I forgot to mention during the video that the star for the top of the Christmas tree is on top of the vase with the lights in it.

I really, really really, love being a dork, if you didn’t know that already.

Topics include:

*Steve and Carin’s blog that inspired the need for bells

*Drunken angel singing. No I’m not drunk

* Video of the areas with the decorations

*Quick shot of Jayden

*Naturally, Evan Longoria comes up. I couldn’t believe it as I listened to the audio. Really? Will there ever be one of these things without his name mentioned?

Direct youtube link

PS – No I’m not on pain killers. That’s just me. =D

PPS – Now that I’m not active, the pain in my head is screaming.

PPPS – When you do multiple PS’s, is it PPS or PSS?


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2 Responses to Audio/Video: Hanging with Ro Episode Three – Silly Bells

  1. More than one PS should always be an extra P, unless everything I’ve ever seen is wrong…which is always possible.

    Between the stuff we did and now this, I’m never going to be able to hear the sound of bells without trying to write songs about drinking or singing like the choir of drunken angels again.

  2. Ro

    I know, I keep trying to explain to people why bells are making me laugh and I think I’m getting a lot of blank stares.

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