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Sometimes I’m not notified of comments that are waiting moderation so I don’t notice them unless I happen to notice pending comments on my WordPress dashboard. So the other day I was thrilled to discover that William Landay, author of “Defending Jacob”, linked to my review in his 2012 wrap-up post! He really likes how I wrote that I loved the book so much I’d marry it if I could haha!

I was thinking about that today and decided to come up with a fun rating system for audio books as I post about them this year:

Dismal – Books I don’t like at all.

Meh – Books I’m indifferent about and pretty much feel like my time was wasted.

Entertaining – Books I generally enjoyed.

So Good! – Books I more than enjoyed and probably talked a lot about and would recommend.

Marriage Material – This one is self explanatory right? Most definitely the highest honor I can bestow.

I’m hoping with the changes I’m making to the books area of the blog that I won’t let the posts pile up

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