Attack of the spoon thief

I had a message from Carol earlier and she mentioned that I haven’t written anything on the blog this week. I noticed that earlier when I was catching up on blogs that I haven’t written since Monday. So I thought I’d fire off something quickly.

I didn’t really notice that I was in a kind of fatigue this week because it’s just kinda there, if that makes any sense. Also, I think I’m just getting used to it and won’t really notice it until someone points out that I’ve been a bit absent. So I looked back on this week and wow, yeah haha. I’ve been doing my plan B, as Carol calls it. I didn’t even realize I was doing it. I guess it’s just normal.

Basically my good hour or so has been given to Jayden, so when I’m feeling ok, I play with him and stuff. Looking back on this week I realize I’ve done nothing mentally taxing. So I guess this week is more about the brain fog than the lack of spoons, though when I’m in brain fog mode, I’m usually physically fatigued as well.

I did my workouts and lessons with Dave like normal, and did two loads of laundry yesterday which totally zapped me. I haven’t even read blogs this week. I was just crocheting and listening to movies once all my stuff was done. Lengthy phone conversations wore me out. So Carol, that’s why I didn’t answer. I’m so glad you understand that part of the spoons. 🙂

Today I caught up on blogs and I’m feeling really foggy. I think listening to the synthesized voice on my computer is actually mentally taxing. When a movie is on, I can just zone out.

So that’s what’s up. It’s been pretty rainy and humid this week which I know is contributing to this. It really all started Tuesday morning after a lesson on campus, which hopefully I’ll write about soon. It seems Saturday mornings are really when I do a lot of blogging. I’ve got some stories to share, and a few cool emails from ACB.

So, stay tuned. The season is getting ready to change, so I might be out of commission some more, but we’ll see. Well, some of you will. Hahahahaha!


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4 Responses to Attack of the spoon thief

  1. Hey, obey the body. If it says “I must crochet and watch movies,” that’s what you should do. I just hope you’ll feel better soon.

    Hey, we have a shoe thief. Wouldn’t it be funny if somebody got drunk and stole your spoons somehow? Hahahhahha!

  2. Ro

    Luckily, no one is ever drunk in my house. But perhaps when I come to Canada, the shoe thief will get drunk and steal my spoon at dinner haha!

  3. Oh, Ro sorry to hear. Hope you are able to rest and feel better, soon and some of your spoons are returned!

  4. Ro

    Thanks, this is a weird one. I’m more brain foggy than anything, with short bursts of energy which Jayden gets to capitalize on hehe.

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