“Attachments: A Novel” by Rainbow Rowell – narrated by Laura Hamilton – Yay Test Reader!

This book is not one I would have normally gotten if it hadn’t been a daily deal and if the publisher’s summary hadn’t been written the way it was written. Lincoln O’Neill’s job is monitor emails at a newspaper. He thought being an internet security officer would mean he would protect the newspaper from hacks and threats, not send out warnings to people about thee improper use of the paper’s email.

It’s a good thing he couldn’t bring himself to send a warning to Beth and Jennifer or else we wouldn’t have this fun novel full of their stories to one another. They tell each other everything over the company email and Lincoln can’t help but like them both and fall hard for one of them.

This book is a romcom waiting to happen which is not normally my thing but I really enjoyed this book. The characters were well developed, each one flawed but likable and you can’t help but root for Lincoln.

If you’re in the mood for a fun read about interesting people, I highly recommend this one.

Rating: So good!

‘Attachments’ at Audible

Today has been a good Saturday. I got some good work done on my novel this morning since the reading I did last night made me realize I had left out some important details in my first chapter. Overlooked is actually the better word, not left out. I woke up with it in my head and set to work this morning correcting that. Then as I was swallowing vitamins while taking a break from writing, I realized that my male protagonist would notice something about Ren in the third chapter when they meet. Oh, let’s just reveal the name of the male shall we? His name is Lon. Yes I know, two monosyllabic names but they’re both short for the character’s full names which get revealed later. Anyway, I had to have Lon notice something about Ren when they met so I did more work in chapter three which led to some character development I wasn’t expecting which led me to work more on Lon in chapter two so it was a good writing day. I also expanded chapter four when we meet Ren’s mom and that was fun to write since I love Ren’s mom. She’s like my mom was when I was Ren’s age.

After B and I had our Saturday donuts, I cleaned up the kitchen which had been severely neglected. I just sent off my first four chapters to my test reader. I am so lucky to have a test reader who is more than willing to read my chapters over and over as they morph and bits and pieces are added. Thank you, test reader! I don’t have to wait until the first draft is completed to get feedback and I can bounce ideas off my test reader as I write. So lucky am I!

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