Assistance dog carnival coming up!

Wow, this is still somewhat confusing, but it’s making a lot more sense and I’m looking forward to participating.

Want to participate? Read this post for details.

Anyone can participate, as long as you have some sort of experience with an assistance dog. That means, guide dog, autism service dog, hearing dog, seizure alert dog, diabetic alert dog, etc etc etc. Are you paired with one? Were you paired with one? Did you choose not to be paired with one? Did you raise one? Are you raising one? Do you live with someone who uses one or raises one?

Check out the link above for more details, but the deadline for submission is October 19. You post on your blog and send the host the link. You can also send her a link to a post you’ve already written that fits the topic. The topic for this carnival is “first”. First anything relating to an assistance dog. Hmmm…what to write?

I’m excited about this and can’t wait to read other blogs, especially blogs about other assistance dogs. Fun!


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4 Responses to Assistance dog carnival coming up!

  1. Ooo! Should I be lazy and just send my dog day post? Hmmm. Or can I think of another cool first? This is pretty neat.

  2. Ro

    I thought about sending my dog day post, but thought of a good one. Can’t wait to write it.

    Rays won!!

  3. The curse is over? Not even close! They still have to get through game 5 tonight and then the ALCS just to get to the World Series. And I made the mistake of coming home (that’ll only make sense if you’ve broken into my or Ro’s emails), so there could be trouble ahead.

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