Artsy fartsy me

A silly blog post

writing it all in haiku

because I’m a dork.

It is sad making,

I just finished downloading

Westerfeld’s last book.

Not really his last book,

the last one available

to get from iTunes.

Oh well at least I

can enjoy another one

before October.

For in the tenth month

Goliath will be released

happy making, yes.

If you will comment

challenge yourself to haiku:

be silly like me!

Five and then seven

finish with five you will find

a silly poem!


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8 Responses to Artsy fartsy me

  1. don’t think that Haiku’s
    are just silly poems, they dare
    us to be precise!

  2. Good lord this is hard.
    Did this at a wedding once
    Bride and groom did smooch.

  3. Ro

    Precision is good

    it does keep us on our toes

    and keeps us thinking.

  4. Comment is pointless.
    Just writing to say hello.
    I will go home now.

  5. Ro

    When you commented

    were you not home already?

    Hmmm, I am confused.

  6. Ok, you got me.
    I commented while at home.
    But what does it matter?

  7. Screwed that last line up.
    Would seem that I fail at life.
    Should not write when sick.

  8. Ro

    No worries, kiddo.

    You’re the only one who’s tried

    commenting often.

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