“Armageddon’s Children” (The Genesis of Shannara Book 1) by Terry Brooks – narrated by Dick Hill

When B and I went to West Virginia for Christmas back in 2008, his sister-in-law gave me a box full of audio books on CD. It was such an awesome gift as a newly blind girl who was discovering just how expensive audio books were from the book stores. B’s parents also got me a couple Harry Potter books and I felt like I made out like a bandit. For a long time after that, I would reach into what I called the “mystery box of books, pop in a CD and see what I had.

“Armageddon’s Children” was one of those books and it ended on a total cliffhanger. With every new book I grabbed out of the box, I hoped I’d find a sequel but I never did. For years now I’ve thought about that book, not remembering many details, but thinking about the ending and wondering whatever happened to the characters.

Recently I was talking to Carol about books and I was telling her about the mystery book with the cliffhanger I always wondered about but didn’t know title or author. I told her I thought maybe it had creatures called oncemen but Google searches never pulled anything up that sounded familiar. I told her I remembered it was set in a post apocalyptic world and she asked if I had tried googling that along with oncemen. I hadn’t, because I hadn’t ever remembered oncemen before so I tried it while on the phone with her and found the book! My hands began shaking as I searched Audible and they had it along with the next two in the trilogy. Yes! And narrated by Dick Hill! Oh and guess what else? It was on sale for five bucks.

I finished it last night and started the next one, which isn’t narrated by Dick Hill, nor is the third one. I’m actually somewhat grateful, because I associate his voice with characters like Harry Bosch and ‘Children’ is a dystopian novel about magic Knights of the Word and elves and demons. The book is about what happened after war pretty much destroyed civilization making way for the demons to begin to thrive. It’s up to a Knight of the Word to find the Gypsy Morph, the magical creature who is the only hope left for humanity.

I don’t typically read books like this, which is partly why I enjoyed that mystery box of books. There were so many different types and I couldn’t be picky since I had no idea what I was grabbing. I couldn’t judge a book by its cover. I remembered loving this book and this time through was no different. It’s just plain good, in my opinion and I’m so grateful I found it! I think the cliffhanger deal is what made me write a cliffhanger in my last San Diego post, so blame Terry Brooks. 😉

I can’t wait to go to bed tonight and read more of the second book! I’m glad it has a different narrator because in ‘Children’ one of the street kids sounded just like Jerry Edgar from the Harry Bosch books that Dick Hill narrated haha! Oh, and Hill also sings! He does an old person singing Amazing Grace. I couldn’t believe it when he started to sing and he did a darned good job! Dick Hill, multi talented narrator.

Rating: So good!

“Armageddon’s Children” at Audible ~ “Armageddon’s Children” at Amazon

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