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Dan Brown – Angels and Demons

I read the Divinci Code and really liked it. This one was so much better than the movie. I think I remember seeing Dan Brown on iTunes, but I can’t remember if there were any picks. Its amazing the price difference. Some of the books on there can run $30! Audible books are only like $12.95. Eventually I’ll have the talking books service, which is an audio service for the blind. Its all done by mail, and there’s a special player and special tapes. I’m not sure I’m going to like this though, because I’m so used to professional narrators, and talking books doesn’t make a production about recording books like audio books do. Its crazy how expensive they are though. I eventually collected all the Harry Potter books on cd. 2 were given to me for Christmas, and the rest I purchased. I got 2 from Borders I think, and then I wised up and began ordering from The ones at Broders were like $70! But I think Harry Potter is worth it 😉 I got caught up in just reading them over and over. I used to listen to a lot of talk radio, but it just got too depressing, so I stuck to Harry Potter; a nice fantasy land.

Last Christmas, my boyfriend’s sister in law gave me a ton of audio books that she had when she used to commute for work. We had to ship them back after us lol. I call it my mystery box of books, because I never know what I’ll pull out. I finally got out of the Harry Potter cycle and went back to the mystery box. I just read a Mary Higgins Clark book, No Place Like Home I think it was. She’s ok…but not a favorite. Especially if her daughter narrates, then they’re pretty awful haha! After that one, I pulled out a Janet Ivonovich book. I just love her. Especially when narrated by Lorelei King. She’s fabulous. If I ever write a book, I want her to narrate. I don’t remember the title of that one.

Today I pulled out The Vampire Armand, which I read forever ago during my Anne Rice kick. I think I’ll look for more of her vampire books on iTunes. I can also download books from the library, but its incredibly complicated, so I haven’t looked into that yet. apparently, talking books has downloadable books too. I’m so grateful for online books, because I can have a cd book going in the player, which my headphones don’t work on, and a book going on my computer that I can listen to when football is on 😉


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  1. R, I had the same reservations about the talking book program but have definitely found it worthwhile. The best thing is they have just about every book in the world and all you have to do is call and 3 days later it’s here. Have you tried your local library? They usually have a selection of audiobooks. The new thing is “Playaways” which is kind of like a little mp3 player with a book on it that you can check out.

  2. R

    I looked at the library’s website for some of their options. They actually have it where I can download books, but I need to install the player and stuff for it. I haven’t heard about actually checking out an mp3 player type thing. We’ve got a bookstore here, where you can do trade, so next week I’m taking in all my books to trade for new audio books. I still haven’t gotten the talking book service; I was submitted for that, but haven’t heard anything, so I think I need to do some follow up.

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