Another cat got out on me! Or did she?

This morning I took Jayden out before beginning the wait for our ride to the gym. When we were headed back in the house, Jayden kind of paused at the sliding glass door, which he never does. The only other time he paused at the door was way back when he helped Timmy escape, thus beginning Timmy’s reign of human hostage taking before I took revenge and made him beep at my command.

Jayden’s sudden pause at the doorway gave me an instant flashback of escaping cats, but I knew Timmy and Spinelli were in the bedroom with the door closed. That left Fi, our elder statesman cat who is about eighteen years old.

B would kill me. He’s had that cat for years and years and years. I left the screen shut on the door as I called Fi’s name around the apartment. Oh no, oh no, she’s never been an easy cat to track. She doesn’t come when called, none of the tricks I used to use on Timmy would fool her, where is she, did she get out? Paratransit will be here soon. She couldn’t have gotten out. She’s never tried it before.

I went back to the door to close it up when I heard meowing. Fi, you brat, you did get out.

I knelt down and opened the door and she slid past me, my hand trailing her side. Was that Fi? She felt a little different. Had to be. Sounded like her.

I finished getting ready, harnessed Jayden and sat on the floor with him to wait for our ride. Fi sidled up for some love like she does sometimes when I’m on the floor. Paratransit came and Jayden and I went to the gym.

A few hours later we arrived home and I took Jayden outside. As we were coming back in, he paused at the door again. I closed the screen before going inside and told Jayden he didn’t have to pause at that door, just every other door. As I opened the door I told him inside and he went in quickly.

I stepped back outside for a minute and as I did, I felt a cat brush passed my legs. Fi!! She didn’t go far before; she came right back and howled at the door in fact. I left the bedroom door closed, right? I went back in to check. Door closed. I hurried inside the room, shutting the door behind me to make sure Timmy and Spinelli were both inside and they were.

I went back to the screen door and called for Fi. I went outside and listened. B has taken Fi outside a few times and she just stays on the patio and rolls. I heard nothing.

I came back inside to call Gamma as I always do upon arriving home. She launched into a story about a friend of hers and I walked around the apartment trying to hear Fi anywhere.

Finally I heard the tiny sounds of crunching food. Timmy and Spinelli were still in the bedroom, lounging on the bed. That had to be Fi.

Relief flooded through me as I felt Fi by the cat food. I was sure it was her this time, being able to touch her longer.

So who then, had just gotten out of the apartment?

The whole time, all I could think about was the eHarmony cat girl. Maybe I should tell her there’s a nice stray around here, if she wants it.


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4 Responses to Another cat got out on me! Or did she?

  1. I laughed so hard while reading this! It reminded me of a story my mom told me once.

    One of the teachers I had when I was a toddler has vision problems. At that time, she had a female Doberman. The dog had gotten outside or something. Anyway, when she brought this dog back inside, she decided to give it a bath. While she was bathing the dog, she noticed something very strange… This dog was a male Doberman. Hahaha. No one ever said what happened to her dog, but she said that whoever this one belonged to was getting a nice clean dog back.

  2. Ro

    Hahahaha! Wow, that’s pretty crazy. I had people going on FB the April Fool’s right after I got Jayden. I made people believe I took the wrong dog home from Saavi. I can’t imagine it happening for real hahaha!

  3. Wackaloo! I wonder whose cat ended up hanging out in your house for hours?

  4. Anonymous

    Geez, Ro –

    What an ordeal!

    My heart was pounding as I was reading this.

    So glad all ended well.


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