Annoying audio book feature

A few weeks ago, Lisa loned me the fourth and fifth books in James Patterson’s Womens Murder Club series. I had read them before, way back in my sighted days, but I read them again. My favorite thing to do while crocheting is listen to a book.

I thought I had left off on the sixth book before I went blind, but I couldn’t remember. Anyway, I downloaded ‘The 6th Target’ from through iTunes, and started listening to it yesterday.

Ok, any readers of Patterson will know how many chapters are in his books. You practically read only one paragraph before another chapter begins. It worked well on the cd versions, because each track was a chapter, so if I lost my place, it was easy to find it again. The narrator just plainly announced the chapters.

Well, for the sixth book, the producers decided to get cute and it’s incredibly annoying. When I first heard a chapter being announced, I thought my iPod was doing something hinky. The narrator sounded like she was in a bathroom, the way her voice echoed. And that’s not the worst of it.

For every chapter announcement, along with the echo in the narrator’s voice, this music plays. It sounds like the music in a porn, though I’m sure it’s supposed to sound dramatic. It’s exactly the same every time. So every few minutes, because of the lightning fast chapters, I have to hear the narrator’s voice sounding like she’s sitting on the pot, along with this annoying music.

I really don’t think music and sound effects are necessary in an audio book. I don’t come across it often. In some books, music will play at the beginning and end of a cd, which isn’t too bad. There was one ‘Bourne’ book I read that really went overboard with sound effects.

We really don’t need all that jazz, guys. All you’re doing is jacking up the price of the book. And when people read print, they don’t have the benefit, or annoyance, of sound effects. They get to imagine the sounds themselves.

Usually I can look over sound effects. But these chapters are going to drive me nuts, totally taking away from the book. Why, oh why, would you choose sound effects on chapters in a Patterson book? I’m gonna have to hear the bathroom sounding porn music well over a hundred times.

If I ever write a novel, I am going to be so, so picky about the audio version of it.


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  1. blech! That would drive me positively batty.

  2. Hmmm… I listened to 6 a long time ago, so I don’t remember any hinkiness. But I just started 9 yesterday and there is no sound effects at the chapters and the reader sounds normal. Maybe 7 & 8 are ok too!

  3. Well, I have read all the way book 9 and there sound effects as far as I can remember in all of them. 8 and 9 the narrator sounded fine to me…its been a while since I read 7 though.

  4. I like sound effects if they are done tastefully. “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” was done very nicely with sound and music. Patterson’s most recent Maximum Ride books were a bit overdone however. Was your book done by Hachette by any chance?

  5. Ro

    Oh hmmm, I don’t know. I can check when I’m done with the book, but if I go to the beginning on the iPod, I’ll lose my place.

  6. Yeah, thats who does all the Women’s Murder Club books, save you the time of looking RO.

  7. “And when people read print, they don’t have the benefit, or annoyance, of sound effects.”

    That might not be the case for long if these people have their way about it.

  8. W.S.G.

    That would get annoying… but I agree that some audio books do the music thing really right… The first ones to come to mind are some of Stephen King’s audio books (Desperation and The Regulators, for sure), where occasionally between scenes or chapters, they would play these eerie almost demonic coyote cries, echoes, and other atmospheric sounds that really fit in with the stories, and it would just make my hair stand that much more on end.

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