Almost nothing fits

Ok so the only bad thing about weight loss is, I’m poor and now none of my clothes fit hahaha!

I went shopping in my closet a few months ago and dug out some pants that had been too small but fit. Some were still two small so I set them aside. I just went through my closet again and those pants I was saving that were too small are now too big! A few of them fit but are baggy. My belt is too big. I have about seven bottoms I can get away with wearing for awhile longer, and a ton of tank tops. My sweaters are big but I can get away with it I think for the first part of winter.

As for what I’m gonna do when all those pants are too big, I have no idea. I need a whole new wardrobe! I’ll definitely need a new belt to make the bottoms I have last a little while longer.

While this is exciting, it’s also a little scary lol. Guess I’ll start a clothes savings fund and work on getting to a thrift store. I weighed in today and I’m holding steady at 157 pounds. It’s a grand total loss of 22 pounds. I wish there was a way of knowing the muscle gain to fat loss ratio. Oh well hehe. The last capris I got were size 12 and they are a little loose now so I’m thinking I’m now around a size 10. At my heaviest back in my drinking, I weighed about 230 and wore a size 22.

Only seven pounds to my target weight. Since I have a lot of muscle, it’s just not feasible to go below 150 and still be healthy with my height and frame.

I’ve got two problem areas left. Abs and triceps. The old beer belly is just being a brat about going away. I’ve got this pooch right above my belly button. And trust me, it’s not a cute pot belly. It’s like this lump of fat right above my belly button. The abs right below my belly button are firm yet still rounded. My triceps are still like wings when I wave, but they’re getting tighter and damn are my biceps sweeeeeet! Hahaha! Look at those guns!

I’ve got a tattoo on my right arm and I’d love a cover up job on it. It’s a tribal star and I’d love to get something girly over it, but I doubt I’ll ever afford it. Who knows, right?

I love it!!! Next month marks a year for the start of working out and eating better, and also the start of the blog! Time flies, eh?


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  1. Congrats!!! That is awesome!! Such a great accomplishment!

  2. Wow, CONGRATULATIONS — you most definitely deserve it!! Way to go, that’s a lot of discipline and hard work!

  3. It might be easier than you think to get some of the new clothes. Christmas really isn’t all that far away. Soon people are going to start asking you what you want, and you can tell them clothes, or gift cards for clothes, or money for clothes, or whatever else one can exchange for clothes.

    Nice work. It’s a good feeling to need new clothes and not have it be due to becoming a fat ass. Way to stick to your goals.

  4. Ro

    I was just talking to Georgie and she said that in the next few weeks, the sales will be crazy with all the stores making room for winter stuff. Thing is, in Arizona, summer stuff can really be worn year round. So I might be able to get some stuff here in a couple weeks if I’m really careful.

  5. That is soooo awesome! Go you! That’s a lot of weight to lose. Man, I guess it has been a year since the blog. Holy crap. I’m still having a hard time believing you’ve had Jayden home almost five months.

  6. Ro

    And Saturday is six months since dog day. Wow.

  7. L^2

    Congrats Ro! That’s an awesome feeling, isn’t it?

    When I had this same problem a few years ago, the local thrift shop totally saved me and my budget.

  8. Congrats – that is incredible. Saturday is six months since dog day — wow, that has flown by. My dog day is Sept 17 — 13 years and I can still remember that day so vividly. Amazing.

  9. Anonymous

    What a terribly wonderful conundrum to be in.



  10. Anonymous

    There was a Sex and the City where Carrie was frustrated because every weekend it seemed she was buying gifts and attending either wedding showers or baby showers. She decided she wanted to throw herself a “I’m NOT going to get married or have babies ever” shower and registered only for shoes. You could so do that! Also, Magda told me about these new parties where women clean out their closets and bring gently used clothes that don’t fit or they don’t wear to swap with other guests. You could alter that format and just ask your friends to bring size 10 pants.

  11. Congratulations Ro.

    That’s a good accomplishment seeing from where you were at a year ago. Geez, you just soar don’t ya girl? 🙂 That’s a good thing!



  12. Congratulations! I’m having a similar problem – my everyday belt is about to be too big!

    You’ve come so so far. I know I’ve said it before, and it sounds corny, but you’re an inspiration.

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