Ah, Safari, are you the problem?

Ugh. According to this article, the only way I can restore my Safari to before it sucked is to uninstall Safari 5 and then download and install Safari 4. If I just download Safari 4 without getting rid of 5 completely, the install will fail. The article went so far as to say to empty the trash bin before installing 4 so that it doesn’t detect any semblance of a newer Safari.

This means I will lose all my bookmarks. I know there’s a way to save them so I guess I need to find out how. Also, I can only use Safari since I use Voiceover, so how am I supposed to download a file without a web browser? I’m thinking I can download 4, turn off auto open before the download, uninstall 5 then go open 4. However, what if this doesn’t fix the problem? There are lots of complaints about 5, but it might not be my issue.

I just need Snow Leopard. Soon. I think I’ll wait to do anything until I upgrade and see if that fixes all these damn bugs. Although, Snow users have complained about Safari 5 too. I just don’t know. My computer totally freaked out on me today so I’m trying to go in and clean it up.

Why am I doing geek stuff when I feel like crap? 😉


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  1. What about saving the file first before running it, then once you uninstall the other program you can just go to the place on your computer and run it from there.

  2. Ro

    Yeah that’s what I meant by downloading it and turning off auto open, deleting 5 and installing 4. However….ugh lol! I’m upgrading the OS very soon, so I think I’m gonna wait and see if that takes care of it. We shall see.

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