Again with the rivalry

Rays and Jays again for three days. We’re playing at home this time, but we haven’t had the best home record. I hope Maddon Stays with the lineup he used in Texas. I think it worked great. Jaso, Crawford, Longoria, followed by Zobrist, Pena and…who was sixth…Rodriguez? Can’t remember, but I think batting Upton ninth worked great. He was able to get on base for the big bats. I really think it was a great lineup so I hope that’s what we’ll see tonight. I’m not sure who’s pitching…Garza pitched last time so that might mean Price? Obviously I haven’t gone to check out the plan for tonight’s game. I recently joined Twitter, not really for the social networking, but for the baseball updates and it’s great. Mark Tompkin gives the starting lineup right before the game and I’m getting draft updates from the Rays’ Twittering folk. Not to mention following Longoria, Price, Upton, Maddon and the Zobrists. It’s fun to read their twitters, though they’re not posting much. I went back and read all their past stuff though, and it was quite entertaining. Guess there’s something to Twitter.

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Go Rays!


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  1. Looks like it’s Brian Tallet vs. Jeff Niemann tonight. Should be an interesting one. Can we get to him again like we did last week? Will alternate universe Tallet show up again and pitch another amazing game? Will Cito Gaston blow that game for him by making more retarded relief pitching decisions? The answers to these and many other questions that I can’t think of right now because I need to finish typing and go to the can will be answered tonight!

  2. Ro

    Ah. Nieman, one of my favorites right now. Hmmm…

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