Across the waters

I love this blogging thing. I have met some really amazing people and one of those people is a man in Malaysia. I read his entire blog over the weekend and was so inspired. Like me, he lost his sight as an adult, and I could so relate to all his experiences.

I have to admit, that my rants about word verifications were in part because I wanted so badly to connect with this man, but couldn’t because of the CAPTCHA on blogger. Luckily, I was able to email him, and he graciously has switched to comment moderation, so that we can communicate on our blogs. His story is truly inspirational, so if you’re so incline, check out:

When I first went blind, no one understood. I know I’ve shared this in past posts, so I’m not going to go into it again, but man, it so incredibly important for us all to be able to support one another, and the fact that we can do it across miles and oceans because of this gift called the net, is so amazing.

Can you imagine if this had happened back in the day with no internet? I shudder to think…

Anyway, I just wanted to promote my new friend’s blog, like he did mine.


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