ACB: Victor warning and info on ACB posts

I am a member of an email list for the ACB – American Council of the blind.

I get a lot of really good information on that list, and we’ve been down since I started this blog. We’re back up, so I’m going to start passing along information that is valuable to the blind community and our sighted partners.

First one I want to mention is a warning about the Victor Stream that a woman on the list posted about her personal experience with getting on on Ebay. I’m really glad she let us know, and want to share it with my fellow Victor lovers.

(All personal information and names will be omitted in any ACB postings)


Hi. I wanted to let you all know something that I have recently learned the hard way about the Victor players by Humanware. Be real careful about purchasing the ones you see on Ebay. I know some people have expressed interest in that possibility.
Well, apparently, Humanware had some older versions before the Victor Stream and these are selling now because while they are great little devices and play a wide variety of formats, and look like a Stream in every other way, they are not the Stream in that you cannot one, upgrade them to the Stream, and you cannot play the NLS books on them.
You’ll know the difference because the Stream have serial numbers that begin with 951.

How did I learn this? When I attempted to get mine NLS ready and learned that mine is not, in fact, a Stream. I bought one of the older versions from Maxiaids not realizing the difference. So now, I’m essentially stuck having to either buy another VR Stream, or the Booksense, or just use the NLS player when it is distributed or whatever else is out. And I’m not happy about this, let me tell you.

Just a word of warning there.



Ok, so there’s that from an ACB member. I will definitly take this warning to heart, and I will buy from the actual Victor people if I can ever afford it. 😉

Keep an ear out for future postings from ACB. I’ve gotten some interesting emails to post,a lot of them doing with laws and legislation. The only way to be advocates for ourselves and our blind friends is by being informed.


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  1. That is good to know. I recently purchased one and still trying to learn how to use it – Signed, Becky (Very low tech)

  2. R


    There is so much information online for help with learning tech gadgets. Have you looked up stuff like “learning victor stream” or anything like that? I really like message boards for that kind of stuff. I actually pretty much entirely taught myself the Apple computer and screen reader from message boards and articles. I don’t know where to point you, but I bet there’s some good stuff.

    Oh! Hmmm, I wonder. Try searching for “Handy Tech North America”. They are fab! They might have info on Victor. I also just discovered, a new search engine that I really like.

    Sorry for the ramble, but I’m a total techno geek so I love this stuff 😉

  3. You’ve got to be really careful about what you buy on eBay and I’ve heard some less than fanglorious stories about people’s dealings with Maxiaids so it sounds like whoever sent that email got a bad 1 2 punch there.

    And wow, you’re the first person I’ve heard use the words Bing really and like in the same sentence without including the word don’t.

  4. R


    No I really REALLY like bing lol! The searches are a lot easier, the page isn’t all clogged up, I get a link that takes me right to the site, where with Google lately all the results come up as headers, not links. I had been really frustrated with Google and then a friend told me about bing and I tried it and loved it. And their commercials are clever lol. I heard the commercials but didn’t know what they were for until my friend told me. I mean, Google really is like that.
    I feel like a traitor because I’m an Apple and bing is Microsoft but…oh well

  5. I don’t know much about the screen reader you use, but you should be able to click on those headers and be taken to the site. In JAWS those headings are actually super handy.

    And seriously, I’ve talked to 0 people who like Bing, and almost nobody comes to our site through it. I think I can probably count the visits through Bing on my fingers, perhaps even the ones on one hand. Maybe I need to give it more of a chance, but I tried it when it opened and I didn’t like it at all.

  6. R

    I’ll have to play with the google headers. One of the things I hate about them though is, say I search for “vomit comet”. It’ll say “your results for vomit – look up definition of vomit, comet – look up definition of comet” blah blah yeah. If I navigate by headers this would help…never navigated by header till I got on blogger, now I don’t know how I lived without it.

    Remember too, I’ve only used my Mac sincd December, and I’m self taught, so maybe I should try some of this stuff on google.

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