ACB – Braille alphabet bracelet gets an award

Natalie, if you’re reading this, is this the designer that made that necklace?

Check out the youtube video to watch the designer of the braille alphabet bracelet get a design award. I’ve wanted this bracelet but it always seems to be out of stock. That must be a good thing. 😉

The designer talks about the importance of braille. Maybe it will get me to jump start my braille learning again.


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3 Responses to ACB – Braille alphabet bracelet gets an award

  1. It won’t jump start my braille learning again, I just can’t retain all that stuff..I know the grade 1 or uncontracted braille which gets me through life because I seem to only need to know the W-O in the Women’s bathroom and I know my numbers…past that I am my fingers just can’t feel it that great..I scrub too much lol

  2. Anonymous

    Hi, The Braille alphabet bracelet is not out of stock right now, and it is on sale for 25% off the original price. If you visit Leslie’s web site at you can order it at this price for a while. Thanks for sharing this information on your blog, it is socool that she won! Braille rules.

  3. Ro

    Oh good to know! I just kept finding it on Amazon but it was out of stock every time. Guess I should go straight to the source. 😉 Thank you!

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