ACB – Apple does it again. Oh. My. Gosh.

I think I have to switch to A.T & T.

Digital Miracles, LLC, is pleased to announce a major advancement in
assistive technology
for people who are blind and visually impaired. The Digit-Eyes Audio
Labeling System
has been approved for sale on the Apple Apps Store. As of June 23rd, the
of people worldwide with substantial vision loss can begin downloading the
application to recognize and label the important items in their lives.
Reasonably priced at $29.99, the Digit-Eyes phone app is a powerful tool
that fits
into any budget and life- style, turning challenging tasks into easy, safe
The Digit-Eyes system gives users a simple way to make custom labels for
items and it identifies packaged goods-joining advanced software with the
the Internet, home computers, printers, and inexpensive off-the-shelf
labels. People
of almost any visual ability can now put groceries away and grab the right
bottle independently.
“This is the most exciting product I’ve worked on,” says Nancy Miracle,
of Digital Miracles and software engineer with 40 years experience. “The
functions and high cost of existing assistive devices just seemed wrong, so
our objective
was to develop a product that performed better than any comparable
technology and
offer it at about 10% of the price. Combining the need for identification
with a
natural, powerful and robust tool like the iPhone made the project
With Digit-Eyes, users can print custom text labels or record audio labels
that they
make by scanning specially coded labels and speaking into their phones. They
the labels to household items, and the messages are played back whenever the
are rescanned with their iPhones. This Digit-Eyes app can also scan
codes (UPC, EAN, ISBN) and say what’s inside the package after checking the
Digit-Eyes product database. Each iPhone stores over five hundred hours of
and can be used just about anywhere.
“This product is amazing! By labeling leftovers with their contents and date
I can determine if my dinner will be edible or not. Next, I’ll be labeling
my jungle
of AC adapters so I’ll never again have to guess what they all go to. The
ease of
use and flexibility of the process make it an invaluable tool!”
Randy Builder, Seattle, Washington.
The first public display of Digit-Eyes is at the National Federation of the
convention in Dallas, Texas, July 4 – 7, booth B113. The exhibit then moves
to the
American Council of the Blind convention July 10 – 15 in Phoenix, Arizona,
#41. Attendees can experience the use and capability of the system with
demonstrations. Details, explanations, and examples will be available at
both conventions,
or immediately on-line at
Digital Miracles, LLC, the parent company of Digit-Eyes, is a Texas-based
that develops customized software solutions. The Digit-Eyes Audio Labeling
was created by a team of engineers, software designers and members of the
impaired community.
Product Reviewers can get a review copy at:
or by calling: (817) 571-3083.
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6 Responses to ACB – Apple does it again. Oh. My. Gosh.

  1. Wow. Apple just kicked RNIB Pen Friend in the nuts. Sounds pretty neat.

  2. WOW! That is way cool! Go Apple!

  3. Anonymous

    OMFG!! I thought I would never ever go iPhone – so much for that. This totally rocks!


  4. Ro

    I just really really really really really don’t want to switch to AT & T. Everyone I know who has it always drops calls. And I’ve been with T-Mobile since 2002. I’m really really torn.

  5. Hey Ro, 🙂

    I found this today and before switching to AT&T, read this. It sounds like AT&T really stinks.

    Apple is good! I eat one a day. 🙂 Glad you’re feeling better.


  6. Ro

    Yeah, as much as I say I’m thinking about switching, I know I never ever will. I can use an iPhone on T-Mobile, but I have to get one from an outside source, an unlocked one. So I can’t get an upgrade discount and let’s face it, I can’t afford the iPhone as is, especially not from an outside source. I don’t think Apple sells them unlocked so you have to go through like Amazon or eBay or something. So I really don’t see that as an option. And by doing that, you can’t insure the phone, which I don’t like. So until apple gets creative and gets out of their marriage with AT & T, I won’t have one. I won’t sell my soul for the iPhone no matter how much I want one. As much as I love Apple, I’m really angry at them for going to bed with only one cell phone provider. That’s just stupid.

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