Who’s Ro?

“I try to live my life by standing in the center of the roof. If I get too close to the edge, I am likely to fall.” – Me

This blog used to live with that other big blogging site, the one attached to the company who has gotten huge and has let accessibility fall by the wayside. Accessibility you ask? If you’ve just stumbled here you’ll soon find out that I am blind and use screen reading technology to use my computer and the internet. This blog moved here in September of 2012 so I could use all features since the other one seemed to decide which were important.

In this blog you’ll find all sorts of entries from adjustment to blindness to technology to sleep deprived ramblings to Tampa Bay Rays baseball to missing spoons to sobriety to posts about my incredible guide dog and audio books. Lots and lots of audio books. Blogging is immensely cathartic for me and while I might go weeks without posting, I always come back, sometimes going rather crazy and posting several times a day. Oh yes, you will also find mostly rambling but sometimes “educational” pieces of audio of me just talking at you about whatever crosses my mind.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Currently working on my first novel, a young adult fiction novel with no title as of yet. I’ve also decided to write the memoir people have requested off and on over the years. I’m hoping to take advantage of my disability and use the time to write. I will be published, oh yes, I will be published! – 11/8/14

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  1. Found you via the bloggess. I like your positive attitude on life. Also, while not blind I am visually impaired. I was once 20/30 in my good eye, 20/800 in the bad. I am only in my 30s and now it is 20/400 and 20/1000. It can be corrected in the good eye only, to 20/30. Anyway. My point is I like to keep current on eye aids and technology because I do live in fear of losing my sight some day. My mother was just diagnosed with cataracts and glaucoma. I hope the best for you and for technology to keep advancing to help those in need. Take care!

  2. Ro

    Hello! That was my first time commenting on her blog and I love that feature that shows commenters last posts. I want to figure out how to do that!

    You know, I’ve met so many different people online with varying degrees of eyesight and there always seems to be the discussion about what is worse, being blind since birth or going blind later in life, and going blind suddenly versus slowly. I was a later in life/suddenly person and I can’t imagine it any other way but I often wonder what it would have been like to lose it slowly. My first eye went in ’06 and the docs all said my other eye would be fine. Ha! Not! So it happened quickly for me. I went about eight months with no technology. Scream!

    So I guess the silver lining is that you know there’s plenty of technology out there? Yeah, who wants to hear that when they’re losing vision right? But it is pretty incredible and they are developing constantly.

    At this point, my life is so full and enriched that I’m not sure I’d want my vision back. If that happened, I couldn’t have my guide dog. *shudder*

    Wow, I wrote a book in this comment haha! I’m a bit long winded. 😉 Happy to “meet” you!

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