A suggestion for anonymous postings for next month

I know I had suggested dropping your email to me in a comment I wouldn’t publish, in this post. However, I just got an an anonymous submission that someone sent in multiple comments, as a way to get around the word limit. I don’t know what the word limit on comments is, but that worked perfectly. I was able to save the submission in a text file, and reject the comments. So, by doing it that way, you can remain completely anonymous. Just post under anonymous when you post the comments. I’m pretty sure it’s a radio button.

Thanks for the submission, Anonymous!


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  1. One thing I was thinking Ro, I don’t know if you know this, but it might make the month easier on you is that you can write posts on Blogger then schedule them to be posted on a specific later date and time. So that way if you’re having a good spoons day you could say write a few extra posts to be posted on days when you are having bad spoon days. I do that sometimes if I have a post I don’t want to forget to do later. But maybe you already know that this is possible.

  2. Ro

    Oooh I didn’t know that….hmmmm. Might have to look into that, but not sure I want to give away my control haha! Meaning not sure I want to trust it. What I might do though, is as the submissions come in, go ahead and compose my post in a document and then paste it to the blog. Still kinda playing with logistics.

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