“A Storm of Swords” (A Song of Ice and Fire Book 3) by George R. R. Martin – narrated by Roy Dotrice

This is one of those books that feels like it’s going to be difficult to write about but who wants to bet by the time I’m done, there’s around five hundred words? Over or under? Go.

I’ve started keeping notes as I listen to audio books to help me when it comes time to write the post. I finished this one last night and was grateful it was time to sleep because there was no way I could begin another book. I needed to just hang out in the white for a bit.

Robb Stark. He’s only sixteen so I rather grossed myself out by falling in love with him. Thank goodness he’s only a fictional character but still. I suppose it’s not my fault since Martin puts his young characters into incredibly adult situations so you forget they’re young. Oh but egging a ten year old on as she stabs someone to death? Yeah, that’s an ugly feeling as well. These books are absolutely not for the faint of heart.

The title says it all, sort of. There are a lot more sword fights. There are so many rulers in the realm, how could there not be? Oh and some of the swords are just plain cool!

I just looked back at my notes and I will quote this one directly: The arrow. Oh my the arrow in the thigh.

Some of the scenes of pain with characters I have come to adore make my body react. That is good writing, when the reader/listener’s own body reacts to what is happening to the character. In ‘Swords’, we get to meet the wildlings and learn to love and hate them for what they do to someone we love.

I’m going to directly quote this note as well because it sums up how I felt about this book and why I loved it: I’m amazed at how Martin makes me almost like the villains. I find myself fighting the desire to hope they prevail in some situations. It makes for some very entertaining reading when you find yourself fighting yourself and your own morals and beliefs. I am really starting to see Martin for the genius writer he is.

It is rather disquieting when a character you pretty much hated in the first two books makes you giggle in the third. And when something awful happens to that character you used to hate and you feel horrible about it, it’s a very odd feeling. I can honestly say that one of my new favorite characters in this series is one I wanted to see dead.

Dead? Who said dead? First rule of this series, don’t get attached. Though that is rather impossible. This is not a happy series. I finally learned to stop having hope when people were in peril like you do with most other books. The good guys always come out of peril. That’s a rule, right? Nope. Stop hoping. However the second I stopped hoping, one would prevail. Fine, I give up Martin. I give up trying to know what you’ll do next. You got me ok? I surrender. yield! Yield! I yield!

I wrote several sentences in my notes that I can’t post because they are full of spoilers but I had to capture how I felt in the white. I did a lot of shouting at this book and wanting to put it in the freezer. It was the scariest roller coaster of emotions. It was the best book in this series so far and I must take a break again. This book gave me chills countless times. My emotions were put through the ringer. I was so uncomfortable. It was brilliant!

I’ll leave you with this thought I jotted down this morning: This book is more real than most even though it’s fantasy. Never ever get comfortable. Just like life.

Rating: Marriage Material

(If you picked “over”, you win. Over six hundred words.)

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