A song for Carol

After I found that iTunes has karaoke tracks, I decided to download a song for Carol. The timing was perfect since her birthday is today and she’s back home, clear across the country from me. So I decided to record and upload today.

I actually recorded this yesterday. Carol, I was practicing when you called me haha! I wanted to get it uploaded before the game and blundered it badly the first time, which I’ll leave a link to the blundering one too, cuz it’s funny. Make sure the nephew isn’t around when you listen to the blundering one, cuz I swear at the end haha!

Happy birthday sugar! I love you!

I’m gonna talk about the song in a comment. Don’t read the comments until you hear it, ok? 🙂

There’s still clipping too. Driving me nuts. Oh well.

Here’s the song for Carol.

Here’s the goofed up version.


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4 Responses to A song for Carol

  1. Ro

    There are so many covers of Landslide that I found an original by Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks, but the Dixie Chicks version in my head kept making it difficult to sing it correctly with the karaoke track that was based on the Fleetwood Mac version, which Carol loves.

    So in the blundering version, that’s what happened. The Dixie Chicks version tried to kill it hahaha!

  2. Anonymous

    Aw, sugar! I love it! So sweet I got a little choked up and teary. Luke listened to it with me and asked why I was “leaking” lol!. He thinks you have a pretty voice! Thank you for thinking of me, I appreciate you SO much!

  3. Ro

    Awwww so glad you guys enjoyed. 🙂

    Love you! Enjoy your cake!!

  4. HaHa, I listened to both and was waiting for the blunder..it sounded good..still not my favorite song..but it was good.

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