A screen reader funny

Those of you with screen readers, I’m sure you’ve experienced typing while your hands are on the wrong keys, only to discover it too late. It happens to me periodically in chat, especially since I don’t have my keyboard echo there.

Tonight I was chatting with Erik and I think that, not only was one hand misplaced, my wireless keyboard was acting up, so when I pressed enter and went back to read what I wrote as I always do, this is what I heard: (there’s a swear word heard clearly)

my next ppproooooject is goiiiiingggg  sssitte, not starrrrting wrriite it up sinthing today, talk  about trac investigate all of it like i didnore i talked shit about it

I laughed sooooo hard I just had to blog it. What cracked me up the most was that it was like, “nonsense nonsense nonsense talk shit about it”. Like when you’re watching the spanish station and they are speaking spanish and suddenly throw in an english slang word or something.

If you don’t have a screen reader, but you have an Apple, turn on Voiceover if you know how and listen. It cracked me up, but maybe it’s just me. Jaws people, how does it sound?


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3 Responses to A screen reader funny

  1. It sounded like you became a spammer of some kind. There was garble, something about tracking something, and then talk shit about it. hahaha.

  2. Ro

    It always makes me laugh, but that made me laugh soooo hard. Don’t know why it struck me funnier than usual haha!

  3. LMAO!
    I can definitely relate.

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