A Relaxing Thanksgiving

Today when I woke up I thought it was around 10am because B’s alarm clock was going off. Spinelli was crawling on me and when B moved, she ran over to him. Finally I propped myself up on an elbow and B said, “hi, good job.” He always says this to me when I sleep in but I was astonished when I checked the time and it was 11:10am. Whoa!

I was thrilled since I haven’t felt rested lately and I was pretty sure all that sleep was going to do me good. It’s a good thing I stayed up later than usual last night finishing up the Dexter show with B because I took Jayden out later so he wasn’t bursting this morning. B did joke that we had a four legged alarm clock in Spinelli.

It was bizarre getting up at the same time as B on a day off. On weekends he sleeps later than I do so going through my morning routine with him awake was something different.

The day was just nice and relaxing, lounging on the internet, reading people’s tweets as they prepared their feasts and enjoyed family. B and I contemplated going out to eat but in the end just got Boston Market take out. He decided to watch a movie from different categories so after we ate, we watched a horrifically bad parody of The Hunger Games, called The Starving Games. When it was over I remarked that I always forget I haven’t enjoyed a parody movie since I turned twenty. It had its good moments I suppose haha.

Now I’m just writing this while B watches another movie. I’ll post it and go back to Twitter and keep on relaxing. Sleeping tonight won’t be a problem even though I slept late today haha, already sleepy. Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh and thanks, Boston Market, for being open! B said the lady who rang him up said he was just in time since we got the last turkey and he didn’t have to wait in an hour long line like everyone else did all day. I told him I’m sure they were getting paid well but I still felt bad. He said they looked like they were having fun so I was relieved. I remember back when the town was completely shut down on Thanksgiving. Now there’s no such thing as a day off in retail/service industry jobs. My how times have changed.

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