A quick hello

I’m starting to get e-mails and blog comments asking where I am and if I’m ok. This soooo warms my heart! I’m doing fine, just been doing some fall cleaning. I don’t know why I call it fall, because we’re still having hundred degree weather, but ya know. About twice a year I do the deeper cleaning, so that’s what I’ve been up to. Gotta take advantage of the great spoon days to get this stuff accomplished. I sure hope I don’t end up paying for it.

Everything is holding steady. Jayden is doing great as usual. We start Goalball on Saturday. Oh and I finished the crochet mat and he loves it.

That’s really about all there is to report. I’ll try and get back into the blogging routine soon. Thanks for checking on me! *hugs*

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  1. I’ve been wondering about you, too! I am a deep cleaner spring and fall, also! Can’t wait to hear all about goalball. I really want to try that one of these days!

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