A Phone Call from a Light Dependent Person

It’s Sunday morning and I had just started a podcast when I heard my phone ring but it was just the harp and that’s the no need to run ringtone. I couldn’t hear Voiceover to know who had called so I checked the phone after the podcast and it was my massage guy. Hmmm, why is he calling on a Sunday? I checked the voicemail and had a panicked message from his wife that went something like this:

Hi Ro, S is making the switch to the iPhone so I started playing with the screen reader on mine to get familiar with it before he takes it over and all of the sudden my screen went black and I don’t know what to do and I know you’ve gotten really good with your Iphone so I decided to call so if you could call me back that would be great.

Those weren’t her exact words but I think it’s pretty close. I was laughing as I listened to it and called her back immediately on my massage guy’s phone. She answered laughing which was a good thing and I laughed with her. She put me on speaker and I could hear as she unlocked the iPhone.

Me: When the screen went black did you hear the phone say, “screen curtain on”?

Her: No.

Me: Hmmm, well, try doing a three finger triple tap.

Her: The screen is back!

Both of us burst out laughing. I still don’t know why she didn’t hear the phone announce the screen curtain but at least that was all it was. After we finished laughing about that she asked me why a double tap made her music play.

Me: A double tap? That’s odd, I mean unless you’re on the play button or something…

Her: No actually it’s when I double tap with two fingers.

Me: Oh! Yeah, a two finger double tap will start your music or any audio you had been streaming.

Her: Ok so that is supposed to happen then.

Me, laughing: Yes, that is normal.

We discussed getting together so I can help S get to know his phone. He’s been pretty resistant to the iPhone, being stuck on the whole no buttons thing like so many blind are. I know once he finally makes the switch he’ll be happier than a pig in…you know.

I just thoroughly enjoyed helping a sighted person with her black screened iPhone! She is a “poor light dependent person”, her words. Fun stuff.

Oh, note to self, give her and S a must run ringtone for future iPhone emergencies.


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  1. Hehehehehe. I remember trying to play with a colleague’s iPad and turning on the music after drumming a couple fingers on the unit in frustration. Yeah, drumming fingers on a touchscreen. Not smart. I also remember curtaining her screen. I could not grasp that different numbers of fingers did different things and it wasn’t buttons on specific locations that you were looking for, but gestures. I remember turning speech off, and thinking it was a place on the screen I had tapped, so trying to find the precise spot on the screen I had tapped to make the speech off thing happen. Hehehehehe. I was not very clued in.
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  2. Ro

    Hahahaha! I don’t remember how I had a general idea of how the iThings worked when I got mine. I guess I had just read up on them or something. Monday I got together with this light dependent person and her husband so I could show him his iPhone when she transferred hers to his account. He picked it up pretty quickly but he’d had some prior experience. He reminded me a lot of Steve though, not wanting to give up his buttons. He’s already loving it though.

    Oh, I meant to tell you too that the store updated the phone before we left and his contacts did what you’ve been describing. Wow that’s freaking insane. Did you find a fix for it? I need to ask if he did. They were going to take it to the Apple store since when it was her phone, when she updated to iOS 6 it did something crazy and she had to take it in.
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  3. Nope. No fix yet. And the goddamn table index doesn’t do a lick of good either. May have to trudge back to the apple store in town and talk to a “genius”. Glad I’m not alone.
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