A personal story about autism and vaccinations

Thank you Sadia, for directing me to this blog sritten by a mom who has a child on the autism spectrum. Her blog is a non Blogger blog, and with my screen reader, often times non blogger blogs are a little daunting. But, she had linked to a guest post she did on a mommy blog about whether to vaccinate or not. She talks about how she wasn’t sure she’d vaccinate her younger children after her oldest was diagnosed autistic, but in the end, she decided to and she explains why. It’s a good read, with some good links on the page as well, about vaccinations, etc.

I really didn’t want to go too much into the vaccination argument because, since I don’t have children, I don’t necessarily think I can make an educated argument. So, I’m glad I found this so I can still reference it without clouding it with my own childless views like I did before. However, I can say I’m glad she decided what she did, and I agree with the reasons she did it. I can say I’m greatful I was vaccinated as a child. Ok, enough outta me, go click the link 😉

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