A mission for you

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog. There’s just been stuff I don’t want to plaster online, stuff that’s been pretty hard. We’re all ok, so don’t worry. It’s just been hard times.

But it’s been really hard not reaching out to my networks online. I’ve been craving your words and friendship. My online friends, those who know, have really come through and been totally awesome.

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to comment me. With anything. A story about your dog or your kids or your job. Anything. Tell me about the weather. Tell me a joke. Tell me why you hate a certain food. What food do you like? Tell me anything.

If you’ve never commented, here’s your chance. It can be about anything. Be sure to subscribe to comments and then come back and comment the comments. Maybe you’ll even make a new friend.

Wanna play? It would help me a lot. 🙂


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  1. You know what’s awesome? After years of waiting, we’re finally getting an electrical outlet in our bathroom! No more shaving and drying our hair in the bedroom for us, we’re movin’ on up!

  2. Ro

    Ok, that’s just bizarre. Why the heck didn’t you have an outlet in the bathroom???

  3. No idea, we just don’t. And neither, it appears, does the rest of the building. There are only about 4 apartments getting them and we’re on the list. The list consists of people who were promised outlets by the old building managers and mentioned that fact to the new people.

  4. Hmm, lets see I am dog sitting for my friend. Her dog is also a guide dog, because she received a kidney/pancreas transplant…She is doing really well and her dog is well behaved. Lets see the Rangers kicked butt last night in Detroit which makes me think we won’t win tonight…I am worried about us playing the Angels…You helped me out by getting me into baseball because now I don’t climb the walls with boredom and don’t concentrate on everything thats going wrong in my life. 🙂 I think you are totally awesome…Need more let me know..I’ll think of something. 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Hi, Lass, first a question and then maybe??

    I assume I need to put my e-mail in the subscribe thing somehow, but can’t figure it out. How do I do the subscribe thin?


  6. L^2

    I know how Steve feels. I don’t have an outlet in my bathroom either. Total pain! I have to charge up my electric toothbrush in the kitchen.

    Also, I just finally caught up on your private blog yesterday. I didn’t leave a comment there because I felt bad that the posts were over a month old, but I am thinking of you, and I hope things get better soon.

  7. Why on earth would you have an electrical socket in the bathroom? I thought the bathroom was the wettest room in the house!!!!! That is just strange!!!!! I can’t imagine having a plug in the bathroom. What happens if you splash shower water near that direction?


  8. I’m not sure if you read on my blog or not, but I just received my third PIT, Jorinda. She is exactly the same color as Jayden! I absolutely love her color! No one can believe that she is just a lab, everyone things she is part golden. She is such a smart puppy too! She already knows sit, wait, come, go to bed, do your business, let’s go, okay, and that’s enough. All those and she is only 3 months old! She doesn’t always listen, but what can you expect from a baby? How does Alex say Jorinda? I bet he doesn’t like that one. It’s pronounced Jor-in-da, just so you know how to say it. I still like to play around with Alex on my Mac, even though I can’t figure out how to get him to read to me. Guess I gotta be smarter than Alex first! Anyways…hope things are looking up for you! Betsy and Jojo send lots of puppy love to you and Jayden! 🙂

  9. Yeah, nothin’ like mommy dearest curling her hair in the kitchen so she could see her reflection in the oven door. I always felt so bad about that. Hopefully when they come up in a few days to do wedding preparations with my sister, they’ll like the improvement…that’s if the electricians will show up *today*. I asked that they come in the morning because this afternoon I have an online conference session that I need to be at, and I didn’t want the electrical dudes knocking out our hydro during that, but it’s lookin’ like that’s gonna happen anyway. Oh well. Maybe I’ll have a funny story about what Trix thinks of the electricians. She loves the plumbers. Wonder what she’ll think of the electrical dudes.

  10. and I just realized something. Anonymous folk can’t subscribe. So Martin can’t subscribe to comments from his favourite lass!

  11. Anonymous

    I decided, for the first time, to take a class this summer. What the hell was I thinking? Shoving 16 weeks worth of work and information into 8 weeks has been way more than I bargained. It’s been beyond tough.

    But yesterday, I was the midterm and the push and preperations for that left me ignoring my apartment and cooking.

    Even though today, I should be doing laundry and grocery shopping, I’m going to push that off until Friday.

    Today, I’m going to make my famous vegan apple sage sausages – secret ingredient yukon gold mashed potatoes! And maybe a batch of the vegan spicy italian sausages too. Ooo, I even have the ingredients for the vegan black bean spicy sausages. YUM!

    Yay! Food for lunches, food in the fridge – instead of grabbing on the go, which I’ve been reduced to with this crazy schedule.

    Then this evening I will be lovingly guided by my wonderful guide dog to the free concert in the park – African/World Beat music. A nice night out.

    It’s the perfect day to recharge my batteries. As the weather is chilly and cloudy today – even though it’s summer, it’s not to hot to cook. Woo Hoo!

    Next paper isn’t due until the 29th.


  12. The other day I went to CostCo with my gram and found that they sell in the department where they sell their rotissarie chickens, pork baby back ribs that are already cooked and I splurged and got some and oh man are they goooooood. LOL. I have been really good any only eating a couple each day to make them last but yeah totally delish.

    Sorry to hear that things are going so rough for you. I hope lots of people comment.

  13. Hey, just call me the comment-bomber. But I have a mini-mission for everybody on here. Our disability awareness committee that I’m on is going to be at a kids’ event called the Teddybears’ picnic. We want to have some activities to help talk to kidlets about disabilities. We have a colouring book, one cool lady is going to bring a teddy-sized wheelchair and a writing splint, I’m going to either bring or make braille alphabet cards, and I might bring my brailler and name tags and braille names, and of course I’ll bring my fuzzball Trixter. Any other ideas of cool things we could do?

  14. re: why you would have a plug in the bathroom? Funny, I thought everyone had one of those. You put it up near your sink counter so shower water wouldn’t be near it. Sort of on the wall somewhere so you can plug in a hair-dryer, electric shaver, curling iron, stuff like that. But when you think about it, it’s amazing that more people don’t get zapperooed by their bathroom plugs.

    vegan sausage? *shiver*. That sounds like some kind of oxymoron.

    And the electrical dudes won’t be coming until tomorrow.

  15. Hey everybody, do a little dance! The blind couple got their baby back! They got their baby back baby back baby back baby back!

  16. Anonymous

    Hi Carin:

    GDB has a whole – teach kids about guide dogs thing – hope it’s not too specific since you are trying to cover all disabilities. You can find it here:


    and in other bathroom news, I don’t have a bathroom sink, it’s just a counter. I do have an outlet though.


  17. Actually any good bathroom will have one. It’s nowhere near the shower, and if you manage to shock yourself with the shower it’s either a freak accident or you deserve to be killed.

  18. While as a meat eater the words vegan sausages do strange things to me, I’m quite curious about them. Apple sausages made with potatoes sound kinda neat. Would you mind posting the recipe?

  19. Carin, what about teaching them some ASL? Maybe some greetings in ASL?

  20. Ro

    This is awesome you guys. 🙂

    Looks like the electrical outlet is the big topic of discussion lol. I have never heard of a bathroom with no outlet. I mean, in all those movies, how would people get electrocuted in the tub if there was no way to plug stuff in? Morbid, sorry.

    Alex says Jorinda just fine. I can show you how to make him speak sometime. Oh the crochet projects are coming along nicely, though I haven’t done much crocheting lately.

    The private blog doesn’t actually have anything about the current stuff. I’ll probably write it on this one at some point, once things calm down.

    Amanda, so glad you got into baseball. It really does help a ton with the mundane. Sorry for the loss tonight. I’ll root for the Rangers until we get to the playoffs, then you’re on your own. 😉

    I listened to the Rays’ archive today and we won.

    I probably missed other topics or questions. I’ve loved getting all the comments today. You guys are the greatest!

  21. Anonymous

    Hi Steve:

    Here is the recipe for the awesome Vegan Apple Sage Sausages:

    1 & 1/2 cup Vital Wheat Gluten
    1/2 cup grated apple
    1/4 cup Nutritional Yeast
    1 Tablespoon sage
    2 1/2 teaspoon onion powder
    1 teaspoon ginger
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1/4 teaspoon cloves
    1/4 teaspoon allspice
    1/4 teaspoon cayenne
    1/4 teaspoon black pepper

    2/3 cup water
    1/2 cup cold mashed yukon gold potatoes
    3 Tablespoons olive oil
    1 Tablespoon maple syrup
    2 teaspoons marmite
    1 teaspoon crushed garlic from a jar
    1/2 teaspoon liquid smoke

    Combine dry ingredients in a bowl, mix it up.
    Combine wet ingredients in a different bowl, mix it up.
    Combine wet and dry ingredients and knead for a few minutes.  Form into little sausage shapes and wrap them up in tin foil tightly (like tootsie rolls).  Steam for 1/2 an hour.  Unwrap them, put some oil in a pan and fry them up a little.  Yummy.

    I didn’t quite get them made but I did get the mashed potatoes done and chilled.

    I did make the spicy italian sausages though. Damn they are good! Ate them On hot dog buns with lots of mustard.

    For the sake of full disclosure, mine won’t be completely vegan as I added cream cheese and organic butter to the mashed potatoes. So they will only be vegetarian.

    I doubt you would ever be able to round up many of those obsure ingredients. If you are up for an adventure, try the Tofurky brand sausages. They are awesome.


  22. Anonymous


    Sausages made out of poor little innocent piggies.



  23. hmmm greetings in ASL. Good idea. Now I gotta learn ’em! *grin*.

  24. Wow … this is quite the conversation going! Its been a long day — had an amazing presentation and so was so excited and now tired and ready for bed. Looking forward to a 3-day weekend.

  25. I’m another person that just recently got into baseball. I’m close enough to Toronto that my family went to the occasional game growing up, but I’ve never really followed it until the past couple months. Reading your blog was definitely one of the things that helped get me started listening to games on a regular basis.

    I agree that it really helps with boredom! It’s the only sport I’ve found that I can actually follow by listening, which is nice because I usually listen to the games on the radio while working, driving, or walking the dogs.

  26. I get the principle of it. just…sometimes it doesn’t work out so well in execution. I have tried vegan cheese, something called TVP, and tofu, and it just, hmmm, doesn’t taste right. But those sausages sound like they might just taste yummy.

    This conversation reminds me of something a comedian said. It was John Roy. He was talking about people who go vegan and then make their stuff taste like meat. I remember he said “If you like girls, but only if they dress up like dudes, you like dudes!” I laughed so hard, especially since there are a lot of vegans/vegetarians in town and that’s where he was performing.

  27. Honestly, the only person I’ve ever seen get zapped by bathroom wiring is my dad, and he was installing it at the time. Unless there’s trouble with your plug or you’re stupid and touch it with wet hands you should be fine.

  28. Hold on a second…no sink? How do you wash your hands, flush and wait? Did they at least give you a tub or do you have to take a bath in a bunch of glued together mop buckets?

  29. “I listened to the Rays’ archive today and we won.”

    Here’s hoping you didn’t catch the one the other night when you lost to the freakin Orioles.

    Speaking of baseball, keep poor Carl Crawford and his dangleberries in your thoughts. My God, it’s hard to even think about how that must’ve felt.

    “how would people get electrocuted in the tub if there was no way to plug stuff in?”

    I’ll have to invite someone over that I don’t particularly like and hope they take a bath to be sure, but I’m wondering if chucking something in there that uses a big enough battery would work.

  30. Where we live the obscure ingredients shouldn’t be that hard to find. We’re in Guelph, which seems to be home to more veg/vegan folks than almost any other place I’ve been.

    I’m going to save that recipe, it sounds good. Thanks.

  31. The new bathroom outlet is in! It’s a different style than normal, kind of a bigger box type one.

    In celebration I think I may dry my hair, even though it’s not wet.

  32. Ro

    I catch every Rays game, whether live on archived. After listening to the O’s, I’m actually shocked they are doing so bad. There is definitely talent on that team. It sucked to lose to them but luckily the Yankees lost the same night. Maddon said before we played them that people expect to win against teams doing bad, and that’s a bad attitude to have. They are still big leaguers, even though they’re terrible. We go on to play the Indians this weekend, and I guess they’ve actually been pretty good.

    Crawford says he’ll still refuse to wear a cup. Hmmm.

  33. Dude! You’re near Toronto? Have you said where you’re from before? If you have, I’m dumb and have forgotten.

  34. You got me thinking about that comedian. Toast, tea, bath. Ok mom, you have a tea, and I’ll go have a bath with the toaster!

  35. I’m sure you could learn a few, but there has to be somebody who knows somebody who would be willing to sit and ASL to kids for a few hours.

  36. Hobbes Dogs, are you a Jays fan, a Tigers fan or a fan of some other team? I mention Toronto and Detroit since they’re kind of in the area of being close enough to Toronto. Plus the Jays and Tigers are playing each other for 4 days starting this afternoon. Go Jays!

    The Jays have some of the best radio broadcasters going for my money. I don’t mind watching baseball on TV, but I’ll listen to them on the radio whenever I can, even through my TV since we’ve got all those radio stations that come with the digital cable.

  37. Hey, I wonder if this thread will wind up being your version of the VC thread of doom. Right now it’s not even close, but give it time. Maybe you’ll be able to beat it.

  38. Now vegan cheese, there’s one I absolutely cannot get my head around. cheese is made from milk, so there’s got to be something evil going on there. I don’t trust it.

  39. Well, to each his own I guess. I just won’t hold my breath waiting for little Carl Crawford Junior’s birth announcement.

  40. Ro

    I don’t think it’s that vegans don’t like meat. I’m sure they like the taste. But it’s a principle thing, right? So I guess it makes perfect sense to me that they make their food taste like meat. Let me think of an analogy.

    Ok, some people who don’t drink alcohol like the taste. So they drink virgin drinks, that don’t get them drunk. Maybe they don’t drink out of principle, or they don’t drink for health reasons, but they like the taste of a margarita.

  41. Ro

    Hahaha I follow a Rays blog on Twitter and the guy said everytime he hears the words testicular contusion, God kills some of his sperm lol! I’m sure all the men around the country who saw that play got a little nauseous.

  42. I’m sure that’s the case sometimes, but I’ve met enough veg folks who swear they don’t like meat to think it’s pretty common.

  43. Guess what, we’re getting a Canadian version of the Investigation Discovery channel at the end of August. I’m looking forward to it even though it’s replacing our version of Court TV, which I like to watch.

  44. I’m in Guelph too now (for school) and grew up not far from here. Carin we actually met a few years ago at the Walk for Dog Guides booth at the Guelph home show. I had a little black lab named Juneau.

    And I’m definitely a Jays fan! I don’t have any real experience listening to the announcers for other teams, but I agree that their radio guys are awesome.

  45. A little nauseous…that’s kinda like saying the folks on the Titanic got a tiny bit wet.

  46. Ro

    I think Investigation Discovery is so much better. Well maybe you have the old Court TV. They turned it into True TV here and it’s just stupid. And the commercials are a million times louder than the actual show.

  47. Ro

    Hobbs do you use an Apple computer?

  48. Our Court TV is more like the old version than the new one that you have. I can kind of understand why it’s being replaced since the same company that owns the Discovery stuff up here owns Court TV, but still, it would be nice to have more options. Big media sucks.

  49. Wow, talk about an eclectic and in-depth conversation: from vegan sausage to the vagaries of bathroom wiring and all points in between! 🙂

    My random funny story: working Alfie at the movie theater the other day…a little boy behind us says in hushed tones, “hey, Dad…look, it’s a police dog!” (yes, that’s the fuzzy little doodle he’s talking about…hee hee!) 🙂

  50. Ro

    Cool I was noticing a Mac user in Canada coming up on my stat counter. I always notice the mac usuers hehe.

    Police dog, how cute!! Kids are soooo adorable!

  51. Woe man. I think I may have faint, foggy memories of you. I remember meeting Bruce and Lynne and Satchel…but I think I commented that you had a Juneau dog and Juno is the name of the empty harness. That night was a bit of a blurr. Trix was new, and I’d just worked a shift at the crisis line and I was tired, but I wanted to meet Bruce and Lynne because they had followed my training journal. Woe man, small world.

  52. Being a Blue Jays fan really sucks sometimes. We just finished losing 5-2 to the Tigers in a game where pretty much everybody managed to get on base and it wasn’t horribly pitched…mostly.

  53. Anonymous

    Yes, there are many snobbish vegans that hate mock meat and do not see the point at all. And I ain’t one of them. I don’t eat meat because I’m not interested in eating anything that once had a head or a mother, among other reasons. I’d love to be a vegan, but haven’t rounded that bend just yet. For now, when I do eat dairy, I try to make sure it’s organic. And as much as my mock meat tastes like meat to me, my meat eating friends assures me that it does not. Wouldn’t know – haven’t had any in 9 years.

    My apartment is the size of the average kitchen table. There is a shower and a toilet in the bathroom and the kitchen sink is one step away. So I wash my hands there.

    Congrats on the new outlet. You guys should be able to have all kinds of fun with that today.

    A guide dog named Juneau. Man, that would have made the first two weeks of class SO much easier *grin*

    Paper due a week from today (can you tell I’m dreading it?)


  54. Jesus christ, you have looooooooooads of comments!!!!! 54?

    No i have never saw a plug socket in a bathroom here. We do have electrics in public bathrooms, for the hand dryers but they are usually away from the sink.

    Weird weird shit. Why not be wild and dry your hair in the bedroom? Or buy a battery opparated shaver? Then you could go where ever you wanted!!! I’m guessing you’re a bat then Steve? Cause then you wouldn’t need a mirror either!!!!

    Take care, xxxx. I hope this is helping you ro.

  55. And where did you get an accessible blog counter thingie?

  56. I’ll add my voice to those assuring you that the fake meat definitely doesn’t taste like the real thing.

    I hate it when people get all morral about their food choices. I figure go ahead and eat whatever you want, it doesn’t make any difference to me, just like what I eat shouldn’t matter to you. No need to force it on people. Hmm, I could almost be talking about religion here.

    Wow, that apartment is wicked small, way tinier than the basement one I used to live in.

    Good luck on the paper. What’s it about?

  57. Ro

    A bat? Hahaha! I like that. Is that what you call blind people? Bats and blinks. Nice.

    This is helping a lot. I’m up and down. Yesterday I was up. Today I’m down. Just feeling kind of abandoned by in person friends. But look at the amazing people I have here. 🙂

  58. Sucks when you just need somebody in person and for one reason or another, they aren’t there. I remember when I went through a low time once, and I called everyone I knew that was in town, and they either never got my message, or were busy. Then about a month later, one of those folks who never answered my message sent me a forward about good friends, and what good friends do. Flames exited my keyboard. It was bad times. I wish I was closer.

  59. There’s nothing wrong with drying my hair and shaving in the bedroom, but it’s cool to have a choice now. I don’t need the mirror, but we have visitors who do so it’ll be good for them too.

  60. Not sure if my last comment posted, so let’s try that again.

    Indeed, all these amazing people…and I’m here too!

    Not sure what Ro uses for hit counting, but there are some accessible stat counters around. the one we use on our site is at http://www.extremetracking.com. I’d write that out in html but I already did that the first time when the comment got eaten and I dont’ feel like doing it again. there’s a free and a paid version of it, depending on how cheap you’re feeling.

  61. Ro

    Oh yeah, the stat counter. There’s a link to it towards the bottom of the blog. If you’re on just one post on the page, it’s easier to find. It’s just called stat counter. It was a little tricky getting it installed, but then it’s just a web page I log into to view stats. It’s pretty fun.

  62. Ya, any “guide dog” people I met with Juneau tended to comment on her name. 😛
    In the end she graduated as a seizure response dog rather than a guide dog though.

  63. Yea! We’re going to have ASL at the Teddybear picnic!

  64. I installed the “Extreme” tracker. There is a button on my site now, so hopefully i installed it alright. It doesn’t have any visitors yet but says it is tracking.

    Ro-i do call blind people bats lol. Don’t know where i came up with that lol.

    I hate having down days. I also hate that even if a person was there, they just wouldn’t understand. It’s nice to have people you can just have a good moan to. I hate it though when people are just always going on about their problems, and not giving you time to say about yours.

    I hope you get what ever it is sorted soon. We miss the happy spunky Ro!!!!!

    I often find the people you meet online and on blogs give you much better advice that real people.

    Take care, xxxx. Pity we couldn’t all get a flight out to you, and then be with you. Or pity those virtual hugs didn’t actually come through the computer. Xxxxx.

  65. Awesome! That’s a pretty amazing job too.

  66. Ro

    Bats make perfect sense. They use echo location just like we do, and heck, they’re blind, right? Hahaha! Are some bats visually impaired? I mean they have eyes. So are they totals? Hmmm. LOL!

    I watched a documentary on the History channel last night about parallel universes. Ok, talk about some totally wack stuff. And there is funding for that research? Wow. I mean crazy stuff. My brain was going numb. I just had to laugh at the end when they said there could be dinosaurs in your living room that you can’t see because they are in a parellel universe that takes up the same space as ours but a different dimension. So there could actually be a couple having sex on my couch right now and I just can’t see them. Oh and there are thousands of parallel universes, so George Bush could be the baseball commissioner. Hahahahaha!

  67. Just wait. Somebody will invent a virtual hugger robot that would woosh out of a USB port hahaha. Makes me think of that Long Pen thing that Margaret Atwood wanted so she could sign books from a remote location.

  68. Wow, not sure what to say about that documentary there. I might have lasted 5 minutes watching that, but that’s absolutely tops.

    Bush as the head of Major League Baseball? Not sure about that one. I can’t imagine a group of people dumb enough to trust a guy like him to run something that important…oh, wait.

  69. I remember that, the pen that would let her do a book tour without having to do all of that book touring crap. Did anything ever come of that thing? I’m gonna have to do some Googling because I can’t remember.

  70. My only recollection of it was…it worked! Oh wait! It wont’ work! Eeek eeek eeek. Oh, maybe it might work. Ack! And then…silence.

  71. Why on earth would you have a pen that you would have to write from anywhere without actually having to be there? Sounds pritty shit. And a virtual hugger robot sounds class.

    I wonder are bats totals? Maybe they are!!!! I wonder if we were like one of those hard core echo locators, ya know the ones who click, would it confuse bats? We should just do that sometime lol.

    So why did that woman not just go and sign her books in person?


  72. And Carrin-i always thought you spelt that with a K lol.

  73. I think she is reeeeeally old. So maybe she was having a hard time getting to all the events. But maybe she just sounds really old. Will have to look up how old Margaret Atwood is.

  74. Ro

    I did too, until I went to email Carol one day and when I typed C-A-R, Carin’s email popped up. I zoomed it to spell out her name and whoa. Had to ask if she pronounces it like Karen with a K. I guess the screen readers all say it correctly hehe.

  75. I think I’m the only freak who spells it C a r i n. I will never understand why mom and dad spelled it that way. They can never explain that, nor can they explain why my sister’s middle name is K a r e n.

  76. Wow. Margaret Atwood is only 70! I could have sworn she was at least 102. *grin*. Seriously. Are there any videos of her on YouTube? Listen to that voice.

  77. Carin-that woman sounds really old!!!! Does she do anything now lol?

    She kind of sounded like she couldn’t be arsed talking lol!

    Take care, xxx.

  78. I’m not a giant Margaret Atwood-fan, but I think she at least goes on speaking tours. I always wondered if she was in an unspeakable amount of pain, and that’s why she sounded so…so…like she does. But I really don’t know.

  79. I think she’s still writing actually. But yeah, she sounds like she’s got a wicked case of Oldtimers disease.

  80. Steve-my tracker says that it’s counting, but i can’t see any visitors. How do you know if it is installed? I checked on the site and it says that it isn’t, but i copied it directly.


  81. Some times the code can go wonky if there are breaks in it, which sometimes happens when you paste things. Check it letter by letter and if there are blanks where there shouldn’t be blanks, get rid of ’em. I haven’t seen your site, but is it a blog on Blogger? And if it is, are you using a new or an old style template? Easiest way to answer that question is do you have to use gadgets to add links lists and such? If you do, you need a text/script gadget I think to get your tracker code to work. Carin’s really the man to ask for specifics since she got ours going again when we redid our site a while ago.

  82. You have to put it inside a gadget that can handle text/html/javascript. I think that was it. Maybe that’s the problem? Gosh, I got help with this on the forums. Ok, I think I remember. You add a gadget to the spot in your layout where the tracker goes that’s an html/javascript I think it was gadget, and then you put your code inside that gadget. Goddamn it, I’m gonna have to go cheat and look at my layout to give you the right term.

  83. It is html/javascript. I checked.

  84. Thanks guys. I got the gadget thingie and pasted in the code. Hopefully it will work. By the way it says “title” before typing in the code, but i left that blank. That okay? So i take it all the HTML should all just kind of be in one line then?

    I hope it does start tracking soon!!

    Thanks again, xxx

  85. So, has anybody ever had root beer foam shot into their brain? I have.

    We got subs for dinner last night since I didn’t feel like cooking anything. I got a bottle of root beer with mine. I was pretty careful about opening it since I figured that it might have gotten a bit shaken up on the journey from sub shop to apartment. Thankfully though, when I opened it, all was calm. So that being the case, I did what anybody would have done, I took a sip. However, it was at that moment it decided to belatedly flair up and I was greeted by a sizeable stream of root beer that took a direct path up the old right nostril.


    You know how much it hurts when you burp or something and pop or whatever goes through your nose? It was kind of like that, only the pop actually went right through my nose.

    I think Carin thought I was retarded or something as I stood there dancing around and making strange noises, but thankfully I recovered enough after a minute or so to explain through watering eyes and a root beer mustache what was going on.

    I suppose the moral of this largely pointless tale is kids, don’t do that. It hurts.

  86. You probably don’t need a title, we just titled the whole area with “the stuff at the end” because it was the last section of the page. But that’s definitely not where the code goes. It goes below. Lemme go see your site. If it’s working, it should already be tracking.

  87. Ro

    Ouch hahaha! Can’t say I’ve ever had that experience. Did it sound like Trixie getting revoluted?

    I had a problem with my stat counter at first, where it said it was counting but I wasn’t getting any stats. I emailed customer service and somehow it had gotten installed twice or something weird. She fixed it up for me. Hope you get it working. I should really turn my blog into an Evan Longoria fan blog because that’s pretty much all the search queries I get. Evan Longoria and mental health stuff.

    Carol looked up Evan Longoria on the phone with me last night and yeah, I really did pick the hottest guy on the team. Her descriptions were incredible and the noises she was making haha! She finally had to stop looking at him. How did I pick a hottie when I’ve never seen him?

  88. You can leave that blank if you’d like, shouldn’t matter. We titled ours the stuff at the end since there’s a few different things in it including the tracker. Hope it works for you. Good luck.

  89. It gets easier to pick out the good looking folks as you go. It’s always funny when I’m hanging out with friends and we agree on who the good looking chicks are.

    I wouldn’t say I sounded like Trix getting revoluted. It was more like a drugged out homeless busker of some kind.

  90. Sometimes there’s a bit of a delay between when it starts working and when your visitors start showing up. Shoudln’t be too long, but just so you know there could be a few minutes lag.

  91. Hmmm. I see your link and don’t know why it’s not tracking. It should be instantaneous. Maybe hit the forums? If you do, use firefox, because in IE, JAWS skips right over the main place where you write your comments.

  92. Yeah. It was more like breathe…breathe…stomp stomp owee owee ow ow ow, shift from foot to foot, jump jump ow ow ow owee ow ouch ouch! I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was going on, since there wasn’t a lot of snorting, so I would have never guessed rootbeer up the shnoz.

  93. Lol i’m sure it was quite funny lol. I have just emailed the support people of the tracker, so hopefully that will work.


  94. Yeah that sounds about right.

  95. The Jays are in the first half of a day night doubleheader with the Tigers today. We’re to the top of the 5th and there’s no score. Hoping for a clean sweep today, which would mean we took 3 out of 4 from Detroit.

    The Jays Tigers rivalry isn’t what it used to be back in the day since they’re not in the same division anymore, but it’s still fun for me.

  96. Ro

    Yes, we are counting on you to beat up the Tigers. After your double header they are traveling to the Trop for a four game series. So, it’s up to you to get to their bullpen and a few injuries wouldn’t hurt either. Remember, we are united against the Yankees, so please do your part.

  97. Well, the injuries part was taken care of last night, there were 2.

    We won the first game 5-3 thanks to a 2-run homer in the top of the 9th to break a 3-3 tie. There was no scoring at all until the 6th when the Jays took a 2-0 lead.

    I’m sure they’ll do what they can to help you out. The Yanks must die! If we win the second half of the double we’ll have taken 3 of 4 this series, which should hopefully help you out.

    We’ve got the Orioles coming to town starting Monday, looking forward to that as usual.

  98. The second game was the Jays game to lose…and they did. They had a 4-0 lead and ended up with a 6-5 loss, largely thanks to Jason Frasor who gave up a 3-run double. That was disappointing, but at least the macaroni salad I made was pretty good.

  99. Ro

    Yay for macaroni salad saving the day and being the one hundredth post in the mini thread of doom.

    This thread has helped soooooo much!

    How’s the stat counter going?

    How’s the outlet?

  100. Aww. Glad it’s helpful. Outlet is good. I can hardly wait until mom comes down and she can actually use the bathroom mirror when curling her hair.

  101. Ro

    It’s amazing the things you learn. 31 years of life and I never knew there were bathrooms without outlets. Wow. I remember curling my hair in my bedroom as a teen just because I had a whole like beauty station set up in there and I could sit down. But we always had curlers and stuff pugged in the bathroom. Just odd.

  102. I seem to be tracking!!!! Went into the tracker and just clicked on the summary and it said that i had 10 visits today. So hopefully that means that it is tracking!!!

    Thanks for all your help guys.

    I’m glad this is helping Ro. Xxxx

  103. If the summary says you have visitors then it sounds like you’re in business. Keep in mind that the number in the summary is only the unique visits for the day, not taking into consideration the total number when you add in the people who show up more than once. You can see that in the visits including reloads section. And if you want to see the search engine people and how they get there, you can find that under the link that says referrer tracking 1. Also there you can find people who click links from other sites, like for instance if another blog links to you and people click through from there.

  104. Lol just looked and someone found me on google by searching for chicken goojons lol!!!!! Think that was only like a word in a sentence ages ago, and it brings up my blog!!!!

    Thanks again for all your help. Xxxxx

  105. Hahahaha it’s amazing the stuff people search for that will bring them to you. If you want to see some real insanity, go to our site and look for the you are here? tag. Every now and then I take the best ones we get and make fun of them. People seem to think it’s good times.

  106. Welcome to the wonderful world of “you are here?” It’s an eye-opening, disturbing place.

  107. Congratulations on the no hitter tonight. It was a pretty good night for both of us. Jays beat the Orioles 9-5, and Garza, pain in the Jays ass that he is, gets a no no. Wow.

  108. Ro

    I’ve been doing those under the “they landed here” label, but they’re no where near as funny.

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