A minor emotional blow before I’d had enough coffee

Most of the people I know, myself included, start their days in the morning by jumping on the computer and going through their reading rituals. I always start with email because for the last couple of years, I’ve been subscribed to a service that brought me daily messages reminding me to stay grounded in my sobriety.

Before I went blind, I had these messages in the form of a little print book I bought. The first morning in the hospital, when I woke up to total darkness, my friend came to my room armed with her copy of the book. I missed that book terribly until I discovered I could have the messages delivered to my email and have my computer read them to me.

This morning, instead of my inspiring message, I received a message from the people running the service explaining they were being shut down to to copyright law. The email mentioned getting the book in print. Ugh. I replied, thanking them for their service and explaining how sad this made me and why.

I then went on to Twitter. This is where a dangerous combination of a minor emotional blow and low caffeine levels should be met with restraint of keyboard.

Naturally, a tweet hit a nerve and instead of shaking my head and moving on, I replied. I wasn’t nasty, but I really shouldn’t have said anything. The tweeter later explained what he meant and of course, I had taken it the wrong way.

I need to watch what I type before caffeine levels are therapeutic. Luckily, I waited awhile before sending a concerned email to the party responsible for taking the email messages down. I couldn’t sit idly by and lament the loss of my accessible inspirational messages. I was kind in my email and perhaps something can be done.

This is indeed a minor blow. However for me, it’s quite depressing, since the solution is, go buy the book I can’t read. Hopefully something can be done; only time will tell.

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