A list of suggested books for safe keeping

Now that football has started, I need entertainment in the evenings, so I’ve been downloading audio books on iTunes. I especially like the ones from audible.com because they’re less expensive, but a lot of them are abridged. I’ve started asking for suggestions, so I’m going to keep the suggestions on the blog so I don’t lose them.

Suggestions from today:

The Outsiders – Downloaded, haven’t started it yet

Grapes of Wrath – Read it in hs but might read again

Brief and Wonderous life of Oscar Wao

Pema Chrodron (Buddhist Nun)

The glass castle

the green mile

My Sister’s Keeper

I just finished The Shawshank Redemption. For the first time in my life, I think the movie was just a tad better. The poetic license they took in the movie made the story better, imo.

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