A Letter to Fifty-Three Year-Old Me

Writing the letter to my fourteen year-old self was fun. The writing prompt I took the idea from said to follow it up the next day with a letter to myself in twenty years. I didn’t give it much thought until it was the next day and the thought of the future was too scary. I think today I am ready to do this since two fictional worlds I’ve dived into recently are more scary (hopefully) than twenty years from now will be.

So, fifty-three year old Ro, I hope you are alive to read this. If you are not fifty- three year-old Ro, meaning you are Ro and not fifty-three yet, don’t read this. You can’t read this until November 11, 1032. Oh wow.

Oh and readers, you should leave a comment. If this blog is still here in twenty years, hopefully it is, your comments will be in a time capsule of sorts haha!

Dear fifty-three year-old Ro,

Wow, so did I make it this long? Mom didn’t make it to fifty-three so if I’m reading this in twenty years I better be grateful. Remember how you thought you’d never see thirty because of how crazy your life was and then you literally didn’t see thirty because you went blind at twenty-nine? Yeah, I still think that’s funny today. Do you still find it funny in twenty years? I hope so, because without humor there’s just no point.

Do you need a refresher of what life was like for you at thirty-three? Well, I’ve been with B for just over five and a half years now. Are we still together in twenty years? If we are, what is he like? Did he ever start eating vegetables? I know, that’s probably a really stupid question. My three best friends are Carol, Chupa and Georgie. How are they? Ok I’m misting up thinking about these people in twenty years. Do you remember being convinced that everyone would die before you and you would be left alone in this scary world? That was only like two months ago, before I started Lexapro. Thinking about the people I love the most and how it will be in twenty years is starting to freak me out. It’s a good thing I’m medicated.

What about Erik? He’s my only friend who’s younger than I am. Only by a few months but still. How is he? I hope you are still in touch with him. We’ve been friends so long and there has always been gaps where we lose touch. Although ever since I went blind and started using my Macbook, we haven’t lost touch, so I hope in twenty years we’re still close.

Ok, so speaking of my Mac, what is technology like? Do people have stuff implanted in them yet? I always imagine little nano chips for phones and stuff. I mean seriously, the technology has to be amazing in twenty years! Or is it scary? Has it gotten out of control? It could go that route too. Right now you have an iPhone 4 running iOS 6.0.1. The latest iPhone is the 5. What is the iPhone in twenty years? Do you have an iPhone? Has any other phone ever rivaled the accessibility of the iPhone? I have a Macbook they don’t even make anymore. I was almost completely out of space on it so I started converting videos to mp3. What do you have in twenty years? Do they even make laptops anymore? Do they use wires at all? I can’t imagine there would be wires anymore. Am I right?

What animals do you have? Right now I have Jayden and Timmy and Spinelli and Fi. I can’t think about the future without them.

Are you still blind? Did they figure out how to give you new optic nerves? If so, did you get them? As of right now, I can’t imagine seeing again. I’m so used to things the way they are, so I don’t know if I would try anything to see again. I remember when I first went blind I wanted more than anything to see again, even just a little bit. I was ready to get on a plane and go to the UK where they were experimenting with a cancer drug that helped MS patients regain lost functions. Now though? I couldn’t imagine testing a drug. It’s a scary thought. So what have you done in twenty years?

I’m afraid to think about what the MS has done to me in twenty years. It’s impossible to think about my future self though without wondering about that. I won’t think about that now. Maybe you’re reading this in twenty years and smiling because nothing horrible has happened. Is that too much to ask for?

There really isn’t much more to write. There isn’t much to say to a future self beyond asking questions. I can say I hope you are as happy as I am today. Though I hope you are happier. I’m happy, but I could be happier. I just hope you aren’t less happy. I hope you’re still sober, though obviously when it comes to that I can’t really think beyond today. If you’re sober and still smoke free and at least as happy as I am now, then you’ve got it good.

Oh hey wait, I have to ask, is there equality? Have people finally quit being so damned uptight about gay marriage? Has racism and bigotry finally really gone away? Do women still have freedom over their own bodies? Has the insanity over birth control gone away? Did people start finally focusing on the real problems? God I hope so. If there isn’t more love an acceptance in twenty years, how are you managing?

I’m reading “The Handmaid’s Tale”, do you remember reading that book? It’s incredibly depressing. It’s what could happen if the crusty old white guys don’t stop wanting to control the female body. It’s terrifying. I hope it’s nothing like this in twenty years because if it’s going to go down that path, I hope the Mayans were right. If they were right, you won’t be reading this in twenty years, no one will.

Ok wow, this turned very doom and gloom. I was afraid this would happen when I thought about writing this letter. Writing to fourteen year-old me was fun because I don’t fear the past and because I knew what happened. This letter is nothing but fear of the unknown and my dwindling hope for a happy future.

I guess my only hope is that there’s just more love in the future. There has to be, or the future is grim grim grim.

I should end this on a happy note. Hmmm, happy. So have the Rays won a World Series or five? Ten? How long did Evan Longoria stay? Please tell me he didn’t end up with Boston or New York. What about David Price? Did I ever meet any of them? How are all my online friends? I don’t want to start naming them all because that’s a lot and I’m sure I’d end up leaving someone out.

One last question, what kind of voice are you listening to on your Mac? I can only assume you still use a screen reader and a Mac. Is it still Alex or have they made new voices that are just as good? Knowing Apple, they probably use human speech in twenty years haha. Ok, I just heard my DM ping. I think that’s my cue to wrap this up.

I hope this letter finds you well , my fifty-three year-old self! Oh, happy early birthday!


Thirty-three year-old Ro

PS – Do they have replicators and/or transporters yet? Did you ever publish anything?


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6 Responses to A Letter to Fifty-Three Year-Old Me

  1. I might have to spend some time writing something similar. I’m not sure what the future will be like, but thus far things have gotten better for everyone, so I can only hope that this trend continues. Maybe in the future we won’t have to worry about living on a budget and on how we are going to do this or that if our “sights in shining armour” aren’t able to help us. Maybe when the blind finish school and apply for work, they won’t have to deal with the constant feelings of rejection the blind today currently feel. We can only hope the world is a better place for everyone, human, animal and plant.
    Brooke, Cessna, Aspen, Canyon & Rogue recently posted..Wildlife Candids: Beaver EditionMy Profile

  2. @MandaGator

    Dear 53 yo Ro, I know you’re still thrilled that the Rays have won their 2oth consecutive World Series so I’ll keep this short. I hope you have remained a strong woman of conviction and continue to be an open, loving, kind person. And if I’m still around, I hope to read this & go ewwwwwww I HAD to get sappy & we’ll laugh 🙂

  3. What a cool idea! I should do that on my blog too.

    It really is scarey looking into the future, and looking into the past you could give yourself a peptalk and tell yourself to pull yourself together. But if you are looking ahead it’s kind of scarey.

    And when i read about the end of the world thing i had to stop as i was scaring myself lol. Xxx.
    torie recently posted..The Cary And Dunluce Masonic Charity BreakfastMy Profile

  4. Wow…writing a letter to myself in 20 years. I’m not even sure where I would start. considering how much things have changed in the last 20, I can’t imagine where we’ll be 20 from now. I hope you’re right about the love and equality. Being divided isn’t doing anything for anybody.

    I hope your 53-year-old self gets to read this in 20 years when we don’t have internets anymore because all of the world’s information will be implanted into our brains at birth on updatable chips…or something like that.
    Steve recently posted..Greetings From KWMy Profile

  5. Another great letter! I bet 53 year old Ro will be even more awesome than now Ro, if that’s possible. 🙂 Also, If things change as much in the next 20 years as they have in the last 20 years, I just hope it is all for the better. It’s a bit too scary for me to think about otherwise.
    L-Squared recently posted..I Did It! (by Jack)My Profile

  6. Ro

    Thanks so much for commenting everyone. I published them as they came in but couldn’t bring myself to comment on it haha. This post was really hard to write. I hope I get to read it and I indeed hope it’s better. I hope we’re all here in twenty years to reflect on this!
    Ro recently posted..And it would have been fine if it hadn’t been for those meddling headphonesMy Profile

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