“A Dog’s Journey” by W. Bruce Cameron – narrated by George K. Wilson

“A Dog’s Journey” is the direct sequel to “A Dog’s Purpose”, which I reviewed last year. In that review I wrote:

The book ended last night and I smiled and wept. I wanted it to keep going. Just let the soul be reincarnated again! Just give him one more adventure! But I knew it wasn’t meant to be.

So imagine my elation when I read a tweet about a sequel to that book. What! Seriously? Could it be? Is the dog’s soul really back? I flew to Audible and there it was! Oh my!

If a dog’s soul being reincarnated makes no sense, click the link above and read the first review.

In this book, our dog’s soul is back to watch over someone new. This story was darker than in the first book, the human our dog is watching having a very difficult life. We follow her from adolescence to adult hood and some of the things she experiences was a little hard for me to listen to. I didn’t directly relate to her issues, but I definitely relate to what it’s like to struggle and also what it’s like to have a dog walk with you through those struggles. These books are such an incredible example of the human/K-9 bond!

I just had a big sigh remembering this book. The subject matter was so dark at times. It makes me sad to know the kinds of things young people deal with. It makes me so grateful my own young life was stable and good.

Rating: Entertaining

“A Dog’s Journey” at Audible ~“A Dog’s Journey” at Amazon

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