“A Dance With Dragons” (A Song of Ice and Fire Book 5) by George R. R. Martin – narrated by Roy Dotrice

Well, all caught up with this series now and await the next book with the rest of the world. B is watching season three of the Game of Thrones TV show so I enjoy watching the episodes with him since I know what’s happening. I’ll miss the realm until book six, but I’m happy for the break as well.

‘Dragons’ was better than book four but the narration problems still persisted. this time, Dotrice just used the same voice for all the Lannisters and the same hagy voice for all the women, even the Queen of Dragons. I am highly disappointed in the production of the last two books which is probably why I wanted to just get done with book five and move on. I probably should have taken a break between four and five like I did with the other books.

*Small spoiler here*

The title was deceiving. I was waiting for an epic dragon battle that never came. Ok spoiler over.

I think these books are definitely worth listening to especially since I think they’ll end up as classics in a few decades. One thing I love about them is liking people I used to hate and fighting the pity I feel for characters who get their “comeuppins” as Gamma used to say. I’d cringe and think oh just stop already and then tell myself but that person was horrible! It doesn’t matter how horrible they were in the past, some of the “comeuppins” these people get are just wow and cringe making.

I’m sure I’ll be excited when I hear about the sixth book coming out but part of me hopes for a narrator switch. Humphrey Bower anyone? Maybe the sixth book will be as good as the first three.

Rating: Entertaining

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