A Creepy Guy Adventure

Kevin picked me up for the meeting last night. We went in a bit early, because we always sit in this one corner. B and his friend have sat in that corner for years, so I started sitting there too. Apparently the night before, a weird guy was sitting there, so Kevin wanted to make sure we got it. So we went in and sat and I saved the seat in the corner for B. There was this guy talking a little loudly and started chatting with Kevin. He said something about, this is so and so and she’s a woman. Kevin’s like, yeah I can tell. I got all settled in my seat and Kevin and I were chatting.

Right before the meeting started the guy goes, does she know how pretty she is? Kevin goes, I don’t know, ask her. I’m like, me? Guy goes, yeah what’s your name? I tell him. Then he’s like, you’re pretty. I’m like, thanks. And the meeting started.

B’s friend got there and took the corner seat on my left so Kevin was on my right. B got there so Kevin moved over for B to sit next to me. The meeting is going, and the creepy guy brings up a topic. Then someone else brings up a topic. The floor is open. Creepy guy shares right away on the second topic. Alrighty then.

So the meeting is going and I guess creepy guy doesn’t like silence. Everytime there was a break in sharing, he had to fill it. Dude shared 4 times. 4. We only share once. I don’t know why the leader didn’t say anything.

Oh and the last time dude shared, he said he had 46 years sober. Right. Sorry, don’t think so. If you’ve been around 46 years, you know we only share once in meetings.

So at the end of the meeting, we stand to hold hands and pray and I hear, wait, I wanna hold your hand. B has my right hand and is pulling me away and dude is like, I just wanna hold your hand. The whole time I’ve got my left hand firmly at my side haha! B goes, sir! And then he calls his friend and I call his friend and I say to the guy, sorry, I have a thing about strangers. This was a blatant lie. I don’t care who’s hand I hold in meetings, but the way he went about it…

Our friend is usually my wing man and he’s gotten between me and strange guys before. So I scolded him after, telling him he was a bad wing man. Well, before the meeting, Kevin had put a bunch of chairs in front of the corner chair as a joke so our friend had a hard time getting out to get to me hahaha!

So we left and went to pick up food and we’re going inside and B stops in the doorway so we’re half in, half out. I hear him say, go ahead, and then a guy goes, I’m not leaving. B says, well, we’re coming in, I need to read the menu. And the guy acted like it was a big pain to let us in. B’s like, she’s blind. And then under his breath he’s like, more creeps.

We order and are waiting for food and one of B’s old friends is there so we chatted with him and then left after we got our food.

We’re walking across the parking lot and B goes Geez! And kinda halts. I’m like what????? He’s like, this guy, idiot, and keeps walking. I asked what the guy was doing because I had heard a car, and then I thought I heard B say get in the car, but he has to unlock it. He’s like, are you ok? I’m like no just get in the car! So I explained that I thought he was telling me to get in the car and I didn’t know what the guy was doing and after creepy guy and rude dude I was a little wigged out. I guess the guy was just driving stupid.

So yeah. That was my weird adventure last night.


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  1. Wow, that guy sounds like fun. I’m seriously doubting the 46 years sober bit unless that means he’s so old he’s losing it. Otherwise he seems like the type of guy who would show up and wonder which way the bar was.

  2. Just wait until you get the dog. Can I pet the doggy? You’re pretty, and your puppy is cute. At least that hand may be full of leash, and the other hand will be in B’s hand so you’ll have an easy out. Gug. Weirdo. Man all the dorks must have been out to play. I had to chase someone down just to ask them if the buses were in on this side. Not just an excuse me, it was a full on, turn, look at, wave phone at, chase for a few feet. Weirdos, everywhere.

    Or there was the guy who chased me out of a mall insisting that he wanted to carry my bag. Nope nope nope. The way he was insisting, I thought he might run off with it. “Give me your bag!” He was so creepy that I called a cab because I didn’t want him tailing me all the way home…I lived a lot closer to the mall than I do now.

  3. Hmmm you and your adventures… kinda crazy lol.. And 46 years.. yeah ok.. I like your label (no no sightie) haha

  4. Ro

    Yeah, B thinks the guy is senile. Who knows.

    I think I might look meek, but I’m kinda like Aunt Sharon, though I don’t need whiskey to be feisty. It’ll be fun to see what adventures I get into tiwth Insert 🙂

    My brain is total mush from all the techie stuff today. I can’t hardly even type haha!

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