A book about the Rays and I’m locked out of it

The Extra 2% is a baseball book all about how the Rays went from worst to first in 2008. The Rays are my team. The Rays made me love baseball in 2008 when I went blind. I love the Rays. And I can’t read the book. Because there’s no audio version. I am locked out. I think for the first time since I’ve gone blind I really feel left out. Ignored. No one cares. The author feels bad but there’s nothing he can do I guess. ESPN published the book. They aren’t a regular publisher. I was hoping to just contact the publisher and then beg people to join me in requesting an audio version. I tweet about it but no one cares. I’m the only one I guess. I am so upset right now I feel like crying. This team is one of the few things these days that gives me genuine joy and I can’t even read the book. Arrrrrrrg. I hate being blind right now. Hate it. Damn book is the #1 baseball book on Amazon. It’s about my team and I can’t read it. I’ve been upset about this for weeks but it just really hit me tonight since every other tweet is about the book.

Ok rant over.

Does anyone have any ideas??? Any??? Should I drop this??? No one else seems to care.


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  1. L^2

    Hmm… maybe buy a print copy and talk B into reading it to you? I know that’s not an ideal solution, but at least you’d get to read it.
    Amazon also shows that the book is available in as an e-book for their Kindle reader thingy – the newest version of that e-book reader does have a text-to-speech feature. So, I guess you could buy a Kindle and listen to it on that.
    You could also recommend it be scanned and added to the various libraries for the blind and programs like Bookshare.org.

  2. I chucked you some ESPN Books contact info on Twitter, so hope that helps get things moving a little bit.

  3. Ro

    Thanks guys…I was over tired and stuff when I ranted about this last night and then I felt kinda silly haha. Unfortunately I can’t afford a Kindle for one book. They have an app, but it doesn’t work with VO. I don’t have a book share account or even talking books, so I’m not sure the blind orgs could help, but I can look into it. If only I could pay to just get the text in a document file or something and use Alex. Having B read it has crossed my mind, but that would be last resort. He’s weird about books.

    Thanks for the ESPN info. I’ll see what I can do there. They’d make even more money on it if they had it on Audible…

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