A body in motion stays in motion

I can’t help but notice just how much better I feel when I’m active at least a little bit every single day. Saturday was a very lazy day and I noticed a much higher level of fatigue than I do on days I’m active.

It’s taken a long time to learn theproper balance of things since being diagnosed with MS in 2006. Too much activity and I pay for it. Too little activity and I pay for it. It was proven to me when I went back to work at the end of 2007 that a 9 to 5 job was too much, after my MS flaired up in April of 2008 and took my eyesight.

It’s amazing how much I can be grateful for my blindness. Before I was blind, I don’t think it was quite understood just how serious MS is. Social Security denied me twice and their tactic won. I gave up and didn’t go after the second appeal, choosing to work instead. After I went blind it was almost like everyone finally understood that I do in fact have a disability. Blindness is not my primary disability. I’m not gonna go any more blind than I am. The MS is the real worry, because I never know when it might flair up and what it might take next.

It seems to be true what the doctor’s all said when I was diagnosed. Cut out stress. Live healthy. Easier said than done, but my does it seem to work.

Knock on wood, seriously. Go knock on wood. Do it. I’m not kidding, go find some wood and knock on it. I am. Oops, Jayden just went to the door…it was just me! Now I’m picturing everyone’s dogs running to the door. Now that we’ve all knocked on wood, I’ll say that my MS has been under control since I lost my sight in 2008. I really kinda give credit to going blind. It’s made me slow down. Even going to guide dog school didn’t make me go into a bad flair. Sure it exhausted me and every day things still exhaust me, but knock on wood again, it’s been pretty manageable.

The exercising has been absolutely huge. When I work out, I feel good. The endorphines, the adrenaline, all work to kill my pain. Being physically stronger helps me fight any effects of my disease. It’s such good medicine, and doesn’t pollute my body. I know I’ve written here before about not being on meds for my MS. I think it was when the GDB nurse interviewed me over the phone. I can’t remember. I much prefer a natural remedy.

I don’t eat that great. But I’ve made changes since starting to exercise. Just trying to eat less and more times a day. I don’t eat enough fruits and veggies. That will be my next thing to work on. The latest thing I changed was substituting my buttermilk Eggos for the multigrain ones. They don’t taste nearly as good, but they’ve got much less carbs. I don’t use bread, just waffles. You can imagine how many waffles I eat.

I’m trying to cut back on the fast food and when I do have it, I won’t get fries or soda. I don’t drink any beverage on a regular basis with any kind of sugar. I drink black coffee. If I have a soda, it’s only for a treat.

Recently B and I ordered breakfast from Denny’s. I love the All American Slam. Yummmm. Last time though, I got fresh fruit in place of the hash browns. Just those small changes can make such a difference.

The little changes to my diet have made such a difference to my exercise. I have more stamina and can do longer workouts because I’m not so weighted down with grease and carbs. I have a Carnation instant breakfast before my workouts. Oh, I lied before. I do have sugar in my instant breakfasts, to give me the energy I need to exercise. When I come home, I like to have some peanut butter for a recovery food. Protein after working out is excellent.

I don’t know why I had the urge to blog this. I worked out at home again today, managing thirty minutes on the eliptical which is seriously a hard machine for me haha! It really gets the heart rate up. I’ve decided to really ramp up the cardio to get a push on the last bit of fat burning I need to do. I got to thinking about how once you start the eliptical, it keeps going by inertia really. That thought led me to think about this post, so bam, here it is. 😉


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  1. I knocked on my wooden desk, and amazingly Trix didn’t run to the door. But as soon as I did it, I thought oh boy, she’s gonna jump up, make that sleepy boofy roof she makes when she’s been startled, and go lookin’. But I guess going up with me to tutor that dude tired her out.

    I think it’s friggin amazing how well you do. I’m so happy your home gym is working out for ya.


  2. I find the same thing with my fibro. The more I walk, the less likely I am to flare. For the 1st 2 months after James retired my walking got cut about 95% simply because I didn’t want leave James out of the picture and home if I was just going for a walk to the light and back or going to the bank or something. Then I had a couple of flares and overall hurt like hell and realized I had to get back into my walking routine and so I have. For me I can do up to 4miles in a setting, if I try to go further than that without a couple hour break, it’s too much and I pay for it. Luckily my longest routine route is 4 miles round trip.

    On the peanut butter thing, regular peanut butter, like Jiffy, has TONS of added sugars in it. I actually can’t eat it since all the refined sugar trigger migraines, but they have all natural brands now you can get in the super market that are just peanuts, or only peanuts and salt. I prefer the unsalted single ingredient kind. It tastes better I think than the kind with all the sugar in it. You do have to stir it the first time you open the can since the oil and solid have seperated, then you keep it in the fridge, you can’t keep an opened jar in the cabinet since it will go bad, but it lasts a good long time and I think tastes very good. You might want to give that a try if you’re trying to cut down on sugars.

  3. Ro

    Ah thanks for the peanut butter tip. I don’t eat a lot of it so I’m not too concerned about the sugar. I use the Skippy chunky, yumm lol. I have a hard enough time spreading it; I can’t imagine trying to spread it cold. But if I find I need to cut back on something else, I keep that in mind. I mostly just stay way from the soda because it’s just so concentrated and it makes my teeth hurt.

  4. I’m proud of you, now I think you should come to Texas and whip my butt into another shape other than round…I need some serious motivation lol

  5. I’m just visiting, making sure you’re keeping up on the exercise and hopefully getting some writing done. 😉

    It’s funny, when doctors say, “Eat healthy and exercise.” We’re like “Awww man, that’s getting tiring to hear!” But when our bodies tell us, “I need exercise, and a banana and some fruit and plenty of water wouldn’t hurt.” We stand up and listen.

    I think we’re our own best doctors if you ask me. 🙂

    ~waves to Ro~


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