A bad case of the nothings

I feel like writing but don’t know what to write. For some reason, I haven’t worked on that young adult novel I started back in November. Maybe that’s why I like short stories, because I write them, edit them, and they’re done. Perhaps doing short stories right now is a good way to get my confidence up like yes, I can finish a story and yes people like it. Hmmm.

I was so exhausted yesterday after my friend left. So much has been going on, so many days in a row of doing something that I think my body just said, yaya! Done! Like when I used to work, I would get totally exhausted at the end of Friday since my body knew it was finally time to relax. Does that make sense? So I was excited for today, nothing shelled, nothing needing accomplishing, but now that I’m caught up on my normal morning reading, I’m bored but still tired. What a pickle!

So I thought, I feel like writing. But not writing. Rambling. Yeah…rambling! Writing about whatever and just blah write. Hmmm. Blah write. Could that be a new term?

I just heard from my brother. He’s not my real brother, he’s my Saavi brother. We both took life skills classes together and then lost touch and he just contacted me on FB. He’s starting college! Sweet! I love hearing from people I’ve lost contact with.

I think I might just publish this post without editing. For shame! Well it’s because when I write a short story or something, I painstakingly edit it. This is blah writing, therefore it needs no edits. My rules. Ha!

I’m reading ‘Gone with the Wind’. I decided I wanted a nice long book and it’s forty nine hours long. Wow. I really like it. Last night, Scarlett snuck in and read Ashley’s latest letter to Melanie. I couldn’t help but think about how pertinent the letter was to today. He talks about how nothing will ever be the same, that the sleepy slow life of old will never return after all the bloodshed. I often think about if people from the past saw what we were like today, how would they react?

So I started thinking about if Scarlett O’Hara were here today and saw how the girls dress. She had a hard time swooning, had to fake it, but I bet you she’d hit the floor faster than you can say mini skirt if she saw how women look today.

Ok that was a random thought. I just got a text message; I bet S replied in FB.

Yep that was him. So I was thinking what I would title this post and usually when I write nothing I have nothing somewhere in there and one of my subjects one time was ‘nothing, nothing tar la la’. That got me a really funny search query.

I’ve got about nine search queries that have landed people here, saved for a post. Some of them are pretty funny! I just want a few more before posting, but funny ones are few and far between. Mostly I get searches for David Price and Evan Longoria and quite a few for roof problems, even quite a few for crochet sweatbands.

There’s a cat eating and Jayden is curled up on the couch right next to where my desk chair is. Oh, another text message.

It’s so nice catching up with him. I’m tired. I just got a comment on the last story and she said once she started reading, she couldn’t stop. Yay! I’m actually finding it a little hard to just write nonsense and not care about editing. Hmmm.

Yeah, in fact I’m just not feeling a nothing post. Guess I’ll end it here. Maybe a good old play session with the Wubba is in order. What do you think Jay? Yeah? Ok.


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5 Responses to A bad case of the nothings

  1. You got a case of the nothings and I got a case of the blah’s…I am seriosuly feeling like doing nothing..but that leaves a lot of stuff undone and thats never good….

  2. Jen

    I’d have to be reading one interesting book to make me concentrate on it for 49 hours!

  3. Ro

    I’m sure there’s stuff I should be doing today but I’m literally having moments where I just sit on the couch with Jay. I’m just so fatigued, it sucks!

    I definitely couldn’t do 49 hours straight lol. I do about 2 hours a night.

  4. I just came back from the meeting I’ve been dreading all week. I’m glad it’s over but I don’t know if we get enough accomplished. Oh well.

    I need to try and write some random stuff soon.

  5. Yeah, I’ve been sitting on the couch downloading the movies for my class and thats about it..fearing if I read anything important I won’t remember it tomorrow

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