50’s teen romance continuation, or not? Who knows…

This week’s winning number was two. Here’s the sequence page.

So…will I continue the last story or will a knew idea strike? Who knows…find out Sunday!

Here are this week’s submissions:

1. Amanda – A speakeasy, a flapper dress, a piano

2. Lisa – Grapes, sneeze, lillies

3. Carin – A TV remote, a telephone, a shoe

4. L^2 – Toothpaste, a marble, sunshine

5. Pattib – oak leaf, sunshine, mist

6. Hobbes Dogs – A tower, a photo album, and a plastic bag

7. Jen and Bil – Worms, Vira Bradly, hamburgers

8. Steve – Cookies, a bottle, an exercise ball

9. Maddie – iPhone, Laptop, Car

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