500, David Price and an ode to baseball

This is my five hundredth post. I really expected to just sit and write about nothing, but I watched something on tv last night that I really find appropriate and don’t want to wait to write about it.

ESPN does this show called e60. Not sure if they capitalize the E or not. Anyway, they showcase certain sports topics, and last night’s was about David Price.

I really think he’s our ace pitcher. Maybe I shouldn’t say that after Garza had a no hitter, but well, I still think Price is our ace haha. Anyway, they told his story in e60 last night and wow.

I don’t remember all the details so I won’t even attempt to write it all and butcher it. Basically, he had two friends all through school and they were all very athletic. His friends were thrilled for him that he signed with what was then the Devil Rays back in 2007.

On April 24, 2008, his friend died of a heart attack on the basketball court at the age of 22. About eight months later, his other friend died in a car wreck at the age of 21.

I started sobbing hearing Price get emotional, talking about visiting his friends’ graves when he goes home to Tennessee. The tragedies seemed to just propel his success, because his friends are always with him, and he knows how happy they would be.

I of course drew a parellel because April 24, 2008 is the day I went blind. I’m a Rays fan because I went blind. The fandom was clinched during the ALCS when David Price the rookie was asked to get out of a jam with the Red Sox, which he did, and came back for the ninth to close the game and send the Rays to the World Series.

I can’t say enough about what baseball has done for me. It gives me something to look forward to. It gives me guys to look up to. I have said before that I need an emotional draw to follow a sports team, and the Rays did that back in 2008.

The Rays and baseball were one of the first things to make having just gone blind not all that bad. I loved that I could follow the game and could picture the plays even though I had never really watched baseball as a sighty.

When times are hard, baseball is there. For a few hours each day I get to focus on the game, cheer for my guys, yell at my guys haha, yell at the umps, beg Joe to make a pitching change, groan at the pitcher he picks, or sit back and relax knowing it’ll be fine. I get to drool over Longoria and be in awe of Crawford, Upton and Zobrist. I get to marvel at a spectacular double play or a clutch hit. I get to scoreboard watch and cheer when the Yankees lose.

I also get to watch the joy that baseball is bringing to a new fan, who got turned on to the game because of all my raving. I get to watch her have the same excitement I did as a new fan in 2008. Now she’ll get that same break in the day when that first pitch is thrown. Pretty soon she’ll know when Jim Joyce is calling balls and strikes. 😉

I don’t exactly know why hearing David Price’s story last night made me want to write all this. Maybe because if I hadn’t gone blind, I’d still think baseball was boring. April 24,2008 was just such a life altering date for me that when I heard it was for David too, my ace, one of the draws to baseball for me back then, it just gave me chills.

Thank you baseball, for being there for us in times of pain. Thank you for being an outlet for me, and for David Price, who gets to take that mound and make his friends proud.


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  1. Aww, that could be a very sad story. I am so glad he over came it and I am most definately sure he is making his friends proud. 🙂 You should hear me some nights…jumping up and down yelling at the radio “What are you thinking?” “Why did you do that stupid you should have done this!” lol its great…Taylor doesn’t really understand it and sometimes he just lays on the couch with me to spend some time with me while I listen to the game, butI am loving it, because it does give me something to look forward to and makes the highlight of my evening when we win, and last night was AWESOME! (all caps) because Cliff Lee broke his own personal record for strike outs in one game! I really feel Cliff Lee has really helped this team and think he is an awesome pitcher. I just hope it doesn’t come to us having to face each other for the world series, because I try to follow the Rays too….

  2. Ro

    Well, most likely we will face each other in the post season, unless one of our teams is knocked out before facing the other. We won’t come together in the WS since we’re both American league teams. I wonder when/if we play you again before the post season, hmmm.

    Yeah, you’re lucky you got Cliff Lee. He’s a loaner though; don’t expect to have him next season. Baseball is funny that way.

    Wait until you start thinking like your manager. It’s way cool to have a thought about a possible move, and then he does it. It’s so fun!

    Can’t wait until tonight’s game. Tomorrow is a day game. Hey, did you get an account at mlb.com yet or are you waiting until you’re getting Gameday? You can comment on stories and talk with other fans when you have an account, but be prepared, other fans can be kinda mean lol.

  3. Anonymous

    I can’t stand baseball, but I love this post.

    Happy 500th, Ro.


  4. Hell, even I know when Jim Joyce is at the plate. Who else goes “weeg”? Hahahahahaa!

  5. Ro

    Ah, but do you know what his latest claim to fame was? Don’t Google or ask Steve 😉

  6. That whole thing where he screwed that pitcher out of a perfect game?

  7. Ro

    Yeah after I asked that I remembered that Steve and I both blogged about it lol.

  8. Aww, Ro, this was beautiful. Things come together in odd ways, don’t they?

  9. Hahhaaha! Oh, some day You’ll get me on a baseball question. It won’t take much.

  10. Hmm, well we lost tonight…so unless we step up our game, we won’t last long in the post season. /No, I meant I hope it doesn’t come down to usvs you for the place in the WS. Not that we would play each other in it…I do understand that much lol. I hope Cliff Lee does stick around a little longer…he really helps us out. Wondering how the auction will go for the ownership of the Rangers its in a few days…No, what I found creepy tonight was Colby was pitching and he just about getting ready to walk someone and Washington came out on the mound and took the ball from him…right when I said like 5 seconds before, “I think its time for a new pitcher.” now that was cool.

  11. One thing I’ve learned about sports is that you need to try not to get too attached to your favourite team’s players. Take Cliff Lee for instance. If logic ruled the world he’s a guy that nobody would ever want to lose, but since it doesn’t he’s played on 4 different teams in the last couple years.

  12. Ro

    I know, it’s awful. I have this crazy dream that all my guys will want to stay lol. It’s gonna be awful when we start losing people.

  13. You never know, they may all want to stay. Thing is it isn’t always up to the player.

  14. Ro

    I know, it’s like these guys aren’t human. It really makes me sad sometimes, but I guess they knew what they were getting into.

  15. I’m sure the whole making millions of dollars part makes the adjusting a bit easier, though. I know fame is tough, but if you’re not a complete tool you’ll at least have a nice life financially when you’re done.

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