17-5 0.773

That’s the Tampa Bay Rays’ winning percentage! 17 wins and 5 losses. And it’s the last day of April. Pretty incredible start! In 2008 when they made the World Series, they had 15 wins in April, if I remember what I heard one of the announcers say. I’ve been able to catch almost every single game on mlb.com, really only missing games on Sundays when I’m at Gamma’s. But then I get my ESPN text alerts, so I always know what’s going on hehe. I’m so excited to see what the rest of the season will be like. Today is the second game of a four day series against the Kansas City Royals and we won big last night. Granted, KC isn’t a great team. In fact, one of our biggest challenges were the Yankees, blech. I think the true test will be when we play some really good teams. The Toronto Blue Jays put up a good fight, but it’s kinda been a little easy since then. I’m really, really happy to see that the pitchers are getting run support. The whole team just seems to back up each other. If there’s an offensive bobble, the pitcher helps out by really shutting down the opposing hitters. It’s been so fun to listen to so far!

Now if WDAE will quit dropping the radio feeds…it might not be them, I suppose it could be mlb.com. But I do that WDAE is responsible for the volume on their commercials, which threaten to blow out my ear drums when I’ve got headphones on and makes it next to impossible to multi-task during the game since I can’t hear my screen reader above the damn commercials. So I end up listening to the game pretty quiet so the commercials don’t kill my hearing. Whoa, how’d I get off on that tangent? Maybe somehow they’ll get wind of this, since I can’t find a contact for the radio station.

Ok, nevermind all that. GO RAYS!!! Oh, Evan’s batting, come on baby!!! Oh fly ball! IT’S GONE!!!!! Ok how sweet is that that as I’m about to wrap this up, my boy hits a homer? Love him!


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  1. Fun! I love baseball — my senior trip was a baseball trip with four boys and my uncle following the Atlanta Braves. I find I still really enjoy it even if you don’t see that little ball, right!

  2. Ro

    I actually hated baseball when I could see haha! I found it boring, so I never gave it a chance. But it’s the perfect game to be able to follow blind.

  3. It’s so true that you don’t have to see baseball to enjoy it! You can’t see much even when you can see. My husband still gives me a hard time because when we went to watch an SF Giants game when we were dating, I brought my knitting with me. I could “watch” it while knitting just fine!

  4. Ro

    I jinxed them 🙁

    They lost to the Royals. My boy Evan almost won it with a homer and it stopped my heart but the ball was caught. Blech.

    Yeah, I’m sure I get more out of the radio broadcasts, with the way they describe everything. I’m just so sad and I well never rave about the Rays when a game is in progress, ever ever again.

  5. On behalf of Jays fans everywhere, allow me to say the following about what happened last night.


    Don’t worry, I’m just still mad that you took 2 of 3 from us last weekend. Beating Garza was huge for us, but giving up 8 runs in 1 inning a day later was a poor followup.

  6. Ro

    We deserve that, yep. Inexcusable bobbles last night. Ick. At least we only lost by one though…

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