“14” by Peter Clines – narrated by Ray Porter

When I finished the Joe Ledger novels earlier in the year, I went browsing on Audible for other books narrated by Ray Porter. He had quickly become one of my new favorite narraters after the Ledger series and he was the first narrator I’d ever shopped for. “14” grabbed my attention so I picked it up but hadn’t gotten around to reading it.

What an insanely different book! I do believe I’ll browse through Peter Clines’ other books. I wonder if any of them are read by Ray Porter. I just love him!

“14” is about this apartment building in LA. A book about an apartment building? Yeah. This apartment building is just weird. When Nate Tucker moves in after his roommate situation ends, he notices some weird stuff but he brushes it aside because the rent is dirt cheap and all utilities are included. Plus the view is amazing and his neighbor is cute. But eventually the weirdness becomes impossible to ignore and he teams up with some of his other neighbors to start investigating, Scooby Doo style. Clines did a great job of making me not trust a single one of these people. Or perhaps it’s just my constantly suspicious mind.

I could not tell where this book was going for most of it. There was an excellent LOST reference and I was a little concerned that the book would just sort of follow the same lines as the show but I needn’t have worried. I quickly became engrossed in the mystery of the building and my curiosity about the characters was peaked. Especially Tim. Was he really a retired book publisher? What is up with that guy? There is a female character who ‘s computer parts hoarding reminds me of Carol but I can’t spell the character’s name and Google isn’t helping.

The book began somewhat slowly and as the gang started their investigating I kept thinking of Carol’s biggest complaint with the last Harry Potter book. “They just walk around the forest!”

Eventually however, the pace picked up and things started clicking into place and there was a race to the finish line at the end. The very ending was what I was hoping for. It was one of those things you could see coming but you didn’t roll your eyes when it came.

I pulled a notable quote. There’s a scene with a theatre type ladder, two ladders joined together to make a triangle with a third ladder rising from the point straight up in the air. It’s used to adjust set lighting and I can still picture my uncle straddling one. No thanks, I preferred the Genie. Anyway, the character who’s name I can’t spell obviously felt the same about the ladder:

A ladder is a flag poll with delusions of grandeur.

I think fans of science fiction will enjoy this book and if you appreciate great narration, this one is for you. I kept expecting to hear characters from the Joe Ledger books but nope! Ray Porter is just that good! Although Tim did sound kinda like one of those guys, not Joe or Bunny or Mr. Church ok I’m side tracked.

Rating: So good!

“14” at Audible ~ “14” at Amazon

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